This post documents my trip east through Locks 11 to 2 on the Erie Canal (1915 Barge Canal), and then the short distance south on The Hudson River through the Federal Lock on the Hudson River at Troy. The US Army Corps of Engineers are responsible for this lock, often considered as Lock 1.

I left you last with me in Amsterdam, New York, at 9:51 PM at Lock 11 where we remained overnight. With a full day of sailing and locking, I was up as we were underway again at 5:37 AM on the 14th – arrangements were in place for locks to be operated for us before normal hours.

looking off the starboard side to the moveable dam

and light was starting to appear looking east as we approached Lock 10 in Cranesville (Lift 15 feet). It was now 6:23 AM.

exiting the lock

and, onto Lock 9 in Rotterdam – sadly the day remained mostly overcast, thus no great colors to my images – we had to wait for a lock tender to arrive for us – now 7:18 AM.

and, here is a gallery you can open up as we Lock-through Lock 9.

Next? Lock 8, of course, with a lift of 14 feet (but, “downhill” going east). We are coming into Scotia (Rotterdam), just west of Schenectady – 8:44 AM. Schenectady is still “on my list” to explore.

and another gallery for you – now Lock 8

looking back to the north from inside Lock 8 for detail on the moveable dam

and to the stern as the gates close on Lock 8

Next? Lock 7 – east of Schenectady about four miles, and down to 13 miles to The Hudson River

you know a gallery is now coming of Lock 7 – Vischer Ferry in Niskayuna – Lift 27 feet

Now it will get really exciting. Originally the canal continued along the Mohawk River and around the 85-foot Cohoes Falls, with 18 locks. But that changed with the building of the Barge Canal, completed in 1915, with a spectacular cut to the north over to Waterford – now the eastern terminus of the Erie Canal. You may recall I drove this stretch in July – and I recommend you click here and revisit that trip. RAY RECOMMENDS, when in the Troy or Albany area, hop north to Waterford and follow the Waterford Flight of Locks.

Leaving the river to the cut, you first pass Guard Gate 2 and Guard Gate 1, built to protect the Waterford Flight from flooding and also to allow for maintenance and water drawdowns.


Guard Gate 2

Guard Gate 1

almost under Guard Gate 1 approaching Lock 6

Approaching Lock 6, with a lift of 33 feet

hopefully in this gallery you will get a feeling of the height of the remaining locks

and, coming into Lock 5

and, looking ahead to Lock 4 from 5

Lock 5 now open heading east

 .27 of a mile to Lock 4 (remember I have a book with all the details)

Lock 4

about a half mile further east and you sail into Lock 3 with a lift of 34.5 feet (elevation change 83.25 to 48.75 feet above the level of the Hudson River). It is now 1:21 PM.

and above you see the Day Peckinpaugh as we approached. Built in 1921, specifically for operation in the Barge Canal, it is the largest artifact in the New York State Museum collection. Hopes and plans are still for its restoration.

and, last heading east on the Erie Canal, before entering the Hudson River, is Lock 2 in Waterford – 34.5 feet down to the level of the Hudson River.

To the left is the Waterford Harbor facility which I visited in July on my drive west.

now out to the Hudson River, a turn to starboard (right) and head south.

above you can just make out the Troy Lock on the left, dam in the center, and power plant on the right. Here is a gallery taking you through the Troy Lock (not really, but Lock 1)

we then pulled into downtown Troy, New York, for an overnight. I t00k a walk around the interesting and historic downtown architecture.

Left to relate to you are the two days heading down the Hudson, one day in New York City, and then my train ride back along the Hudson from NYC to the Albany/Rensselaer Amtrak Station, to retrieve my car, and drive across Vermont and back home. It has taken me over a month to relate the first nine parts of this journey, I hope to finish the rest soon, but I still have my cross-country and back Train Trek to also complete sharing. Thank you for sailing with me, yours, RAY


Part 1 – Genesis
Part 2 – Chicago – arriving aboard the Grande Mariner
Part 3 – Underway to Wisconsin and Mackinac Island
Part 4 – Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan
Part 5 – Port visits – Cleveland and Buffalo
Part 6 – Welland Canal – Canada
Part 7 – Rochester, NY and The Oswego Canal
Part 8 – The Erie Canal – LOCKS 22 to 11 – Heading East
Part 9 – The Erie Canal – LOCKS 11 to 1 – Heading East

Part 10 – The Hudson River – Troy South to NYC
Part 11 – NYC – and, Amtrak along the Hudson to Albany

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2 Responses to LAKES – LOCKS – LONG RIVER — 1-18 SEPTEMBER 2019 – PART 9 – ERIE CANAL LOCKS 11 to 1 – SEPTEMBER 14, 2019

  1. Carolyn says:

    Again, great pics and narrative, so interesting.

  2. Betty says:

    Thanks for taking me along on your lock journey! What a great adventure you’ve had along the way and so much to see!

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