On 5 October 2014, on my way to a Roycroft Road Scholar adventure in East Aurora, NY, I finally got to visit the Genesee County Village and Museum in Mumford, NY

I loved it, but as you will read below, my lasting memory (copied from that post) is:

But, most importantly I made a career changing discovery there.  Here is what I excitedly posted on Facebook. “I am so, so, very, veryTW-1 excited.  Today I saw a vocation/avocation that I wish to pursue for the next twenty or so years.  It will combine my penchants for collecting, researching, and presenting with an exceptional flair of showmanship. The collecting possibilities will be broad, and may be limitless. I will need everyone’s help with suggestions for my worldwide hunt to bring historical, timeless wonders under one traveling tent show.  Details to come on ShunpikingwithRay. I will need you to think and contribute. Coming soon? — Prof. RAB’s WAGON of WONDERS — Lost Literary Treasures and Historical Artifacts of Note. In fact, upon cogitating some more, jelling in my mind (with some jiggle – remember I went to the Jello Museum) I see the spin-off book topping the New York Times Best Seller Non-Fiction list.”

The Tent of Wonders in the Town Hall

The Tent of Wonders in the Town Hall

And here is the “barker” encouraging people to visit the exhibit. Soon to be Prof. RAB.


And, in this gallery is a sample of what I saw – both literary and historical. Remember to see larger images, click on one to get a larger size that you may examine in closer detail. As I have been preparing this to convince the Walpole Historical Society to feature this exhibit on the lawn during Old Home Days 2017, I am thinking that I must add significant Walpole Historical Artifacts.

It has now occurred to me that the nomination, and discussion of selected items will be the perfect reason to hold meetings at “44” — along with munchies and libations, invited intellectuals would have to bring an idea (or better the item) to be featured in Prof. RAB’s WAGON OF WONDERS.

Let the fun begin — but, probably in November — I have a busy schedule beforehand.