For over a year I have wanted to provide some history — so “the best way to get something done is to begin.”  I will begin filling this section up in late 2012.

I have to get back here for sure…

A note found August 2021 on VT Digger, an on-line news source on the history of Burlington, Vermont. “Many roads were private turnpikes, where travelers paid a toll. Like taxes, the tolls were unpopular, so in some areas people constructed bypasses around the tollgates. On one route out of Burlington, a 5-mile bypass skirted the tollgate. These bypasses, where travelers could “shun” the turnpike’s toll, were called shunpikes. A Shunpike Road still exists just outside Burlington, in Williston. … The prospect of avoiding a toll must have been a powerful inducement for people to decide to cover the extra distance, given the period’s slow speed of travel.” –

more soon, I promise – RAY

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