As you may have realized, I still have a fear of getting out in social situations and also of traveling. But, it could be just be that I am out of practice. Fortunately, I am comfortable alone, and can certainly “entertain myself” with my hobbies, research, curiosity, writing, and businesses. My recent overnight to OSV helped and rejuvenated me, and journeying with BLUE BELLE to the Dublin Gas Engine Meet was fun, but I started to feel more reclusive again. Recently I learned of a Vintage “Canned Ham” Rally at the nearby Brattleboro KOA (actually in Dummerston 15 miles south of me). I emailed, all spaces were booked up, but I was told the public could visit on Saturday the 17th from 1-3. On my list, and I almost did not go as Saturday approached. But I did go, so glad I did go, and have new excitement with my plans for LADYRAB III (1959 FAN “canned ham”).

It was BLACK BEAUTY’S (1958 Triumph TR3A) turn for a spin, and we arrived at the campground shortly after 1PM. Mike greeted me and directed me towards parking. I am truly impressed with the grounds, layout and amenities. The first “eye-candy” I saw was this honey – a Shasta from the 60s (sadly I did not note all the models and years to remember and share).

A couple spaces down I found Amber and Tim from Gotham, Maine. This is one of their three campers.

I mentioned that my trailer was just up the road and across the river in Walpole, and this conversation continued:

“I am from Walpole,” he said.
“Where did you live,” Ray asks.
“On the Common.”
“Oh, where?”
“Do you know where the old Catholic Church is?”
“Our house was two doors down.”
“And, I live between the church and and your old house.”

I love “small world stories.” We had fun, we know some of the same people, and I have folks to say hi to from Tim. But, continuing to explore, and getting ideas for more collecting fun…

I learned from one exhibitor/camper that the upper forward bunk trailers are harder to find. I do see them for sale on the west coast, but probably “newer” models. The vintage events here are for campers pre-1980.

This is a 1952 Scotty. Very small, and low, I was intrigued to see it has a drop floor just as LADYRAB III has.

Here is a 1965 Airstream Land Yacht – larger than my 1965 Caravel that I just sold. Everyone was so anxious to share their “pride and joys,” but this couple was exceptional. She asked me to go inside, but I looked through the door. After chatting, as I was leaving he said, “please let me show you the inside.” Amazing interior, and he shared that as a retired carpenter he started with a $1500 shell, $7000 spent on materials and over 500 hours. The workmanship is amazing, and the deco appearance amazing. He is now restoring another to sell – maybe around $60-$70,000 he told me — and well worth it I am sure.

Below is a fun decorated little “canned ham” – check out interior gallery, and click to enlarge. Also a dropped floor, and the table can be lowered to make a second single bed.

My hunt is on for “my leg lamp.” Learning more from other set-ups, I now plan to add a center pole to my awning for the peaked effect. My FAN camper came outfitted with everything you need to move in and hit the road, including vintage looking lights as you see below. BUT, with my lights are massive clips – unsightly. I saw several people using the small wire potato chip bag clips which are hard to see. My package of 30 red ones (to blend in with my awning, and more than I need) is now on order – only took moments searching on-line.

and two more set-ups for you to enjoy. Note the large Scotch cooler and accessories collection, Think this owner also likes Chevys.

It was an easy decision, and upon departure I stopped at the office to sign up for their Merry May rally. It was popular last year with everyone decorating for Christmas. While registering I was thinking, “now how will I decorate?” Then it occurred to me – you know I love to share, and besides some vintage Christmas decorations you should know I have well over 60 different miniature trees. Yes, I will have them on display, and have many months to figure out how to merrily do so.

Leaving, BLACK BEAUTY and I crossed US 5, and headed up to Dutton Farm Road, and miles of dirt. We passed Landmark Trust’s Dutton Farm, circled around Black Mountain to Rice Farm Road along West River, and crossed the covered bridge. Then up Route 30 through Newfane, back roads past the only round schoolhouse in the US, which is in Brookline, VT, – and more dirt until Athens and Cambridgeport, and then home. Did I have a good time, yes.

The folks exhibiting at the rally had first right for spots for next year, so tomorrow I will call to see if I can get a spot for next September. Again I am impressed with this KOA park. Below is a map of their layout (you can click to see it larger), and they even have cabin rentals. The two brochures I got may lead to some future adventures. I will let you know. Thank you for reading, stay well, luv, RAY

PS — about an hour after I posted this I looked at Facebook for the first time today. Tim told me of the New England and Beyond Vintage Campers Facebook page, and I was allowed to join. Post of this weekend are starting to appear – and better images than mine – hopefully you can view this post –


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5 Responses to KOA VINTAGE EYE-CANDY — 17 SEPTEMBER 2022

  1. scotttho says:

    So much fun! Rallys among owners of any type of camper can be lots of fun but vintage is especially cool! You may have found a new outlet for your vintage passion! Congratulations! Keep on getting out!


    • Ray Boas says:

      thanks Scott — everyone was so nice and enthusiastic to share — just got off the phone and booked one of the vacancies for next September. Another reason to collect stuff – hope to see you guys soon, RAY


  2. Betty says:

    Loved the pictures and vintage campers! Since you enjoyed them so much, when you are comfortable traveling a distance, you MUST head to the RV Museum and Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN. I know we mentioned it before but you would truly be blown away by all the vintage campers there.
    With all the great paraphernalia these vintage campers brought, I’m thinking they needed another trailer to hold all their decorations!
    What great fun and I can imagine your collection beginning now.
    Thanks for the great post.

    • Ray Boas says:

      Hi Betty – so glad you are again “on the road.” My visit Saturday totally rejuvenated me. Booked the September rally this morning. And, been working on my decorations list for Merry May — now have 20 vintage plastic bells on order to “marry” with my light strands. Bought another vintage trailer toy for display, and there is no stopping me. Just need to find a copy now of vintage paperback TRAILER CAMP GIRL, and I will be all set.YES – museum is “on my list” Luv, RAY


  3. Tony Kulakusky says:

    Very nice Ray! Loved it.

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