AND — WE MET ON-LINE – It was Friday night, 27 May, just a week ago, and I started doing some searching that I had not done in a long, long time. AND, THERE SHE WAS – Dressed in white with red trim, the classic curves I have desired for four years, and “the important stuff” in all the right places. INTRIGUED? I BET YOU ARE.

The CURVES…remember my CANNED HAM ADVENTURE 3 JUNE 2018? Hey that was exactly four years ago. I have always been in love with the curves and shape – yes the canned ham appearance of a vintage camping trailer. And “the important stuff” the layout – table with facing benches at one end, and bed at the opposite end (usually front and back) with kitchen and cabinets in between. And, that wood panelling!

My search was re-sparked in late 2019, and then COVID hit (not to mention the second back surgery). Travels and adventures ceased, as did an active search for a “canned ham.” But then in late 2020 a friend said his neighbor wished to sell his original 1965 Airstream Caravel. I love original, I looked, I bought, I had a great deal of fun over the winter of 2020-21 thinking about and researching some minor restorations – vintage decorations – and adventures. Then you may recall that on 25 May 2021, while driving home from some welding rebuild to bring the rear bumper back to original – I lost a wheel bearing. A piggy-back ride home, and what to do. Do I keep her or let someone else adopt her? The layout of my Airstream was not exactly what I wanted – and her classic look yells out “Airstream” but not “canned ham.”

With times of emails, and taking images, I can rebuild timelines fairly well. It was about 7:46 PM Friday, 27 May, that I saw “my new girlfriend” on-line, and she lived just up the road in Enfield Center. The owner and I corresponded, and at about 11 AM, Sunday 29 May, our eyes met – “it was love.” Meet my “new” 1959 FAN made in Wakarusa, Indiana.

see that “canned ham” shape? Oh, the curves, and here is the important stuff, all in the right places as I originally wanted.

It did not take long to inspect, and learn of its close to original refurbishment. Some cash changed hands (smart people on the hunt for whatever comes along know to always have some green at home in case). And a promise was made to repack the wheel bearings before she came south with me. Yes, did not want another mishap, and obvious Dan knew what he was doing. We coordinated the timing for pickup, and at about 1:20 today, 3 June, I arrived in Enfield Center, ready with the rest of the green (there is a limit to what you keep in that secret hiding place Gary knows about, just in case), and after a great visit and learning of the fine points, my new girlfriend – the new LADYRAB III, and I were ready to go.

back to “44” and “Camp 44.”

But Ray, what about the “former LADYRAB III?’ Well, the quandary is over, and I am working on finding only the right adoption and new home. On June 1st, I published a page on my website – 1965 AIRSTREAM FOR SALE – ORIGINAL. I then created a local Craig’s List post, and then posted on the Facebook AIRSTREAM ADDICTS page, and four other Facebook groups that are devoted to vintage campers. With these posts I included a link to the above page so people could read further and see many illustrations. As I am writing this, in about two full days I have had 10,968 page views of my for sale story and the images, and queries from all over the country. By the time you read this the number of reads will be over 11,000. A couple will be looking tomorrow, and another couple coming down from Burlington on Sunday, and they acknowledged the current hiccups. Classic Airstreams are popular, and now I have my eye turning “CLASSIC CANNED HAM” – my new GIRLFRIEND, MY NEW TOY, and MY NEW PLACE TO SLEEP.

Stay safe and well, as always, luv, RAY

UPDATE – 6:45 AM 4 June posted from “Camp 44”

Enjoying Friday night tradition watching ABC 2020 – and awaking now after one of the best sleeps in a long time. TOO MUCH FUN – I could almost live here

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  1. George Lush says:

    Ray, I just sat down to read my emails and your new post appeared. She’s a beauty! Best of luck and Happy Trails to You! George

  2. Carol Crolle says:

    How exciting for you, Ray! Yes, the lead was intriguing. Now I know all about HER! Enjoy your newest toy and the myriad of travel adventures on the horizon. Carol

  3. Chris says:

    Saw her (and you) on her maiden voyage home. A real beauty, as was the former canned ham. This one has more character. Only problem is she is not big enough to sleep all your Three Pines friends!

    • Ray Boas says:

      enjoyed waving at you – think you looked surprised. Hey, table lowers for more sleeping – close and tight for four “close friends” – but there are the parties coming at “Camp 44” which is in the pines – tad more than three however – RAY


  4. Erin says:

    Sweeet! Happy Trails, Ray.

  5. S. Boas says:

    Have loads of fun and trips

  6. Tony Kulakusky says:

    Awesome Ray. Thoroughly enjoyed the story and love, love, love your new girlfriend. Great find but isn’t she a little young for you?

    • Ray Boas says:

      Thanks, Tony. Found a state park near OSV which will be a great spot to park while visiting. Actually she is not too young for me – BLACK BEAUTY rolled off the line in 1958, and BLUE BELLE completed in 1960, so “new” LADYRAB III fits in the middle with her sisters. See you again, RAY


  7. David Clark says:

    Whoa Dogs Ray ! An Airstream like that just turned up in Left-Minster West Village. Does that mean there are two of those Bad Boys around here ?

  8. Carol F. Boerner says:

    Your joy is infectious! WTG! I can’t wait to hear of your new adventures with this gal!

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