There are some things I enjoy doing, and heading to Cricket Hill Farm in Dublin for the Dublin Gas Engine Meet is something I look forward to. BLUE BELLE (1960 MGA Roadster) and I headed off today for the 50th anniversary meet. With an “old” car I get waved onto the field for free to exhibit in the rows of old cars. Thank you, but it is fun because I did talk to two groups of people (one on the field, and another when I had lunch at the Harrisville General Store when a fellow also having lunch there came up and chatted having inspected BLUE BELLE on the field earlier.)

This post will be brief with “new” old things I saw today. But you may enjoy my writings of my earlier visits. Click on the links below:

2016 — 45th Annual Meet
2017 — 46th Annual Meet
2018 — “Canned Hams” on the field
2018 — similar Hit n Miss show in Ludlow, Vermont
2018 — 47th Annual Meet
2019 I did not attend since I was cruising from Chicago to NYC
2020 – COVID – no show
2021 — 49th Annual Meet

What I like to share on each year’s post is something that caught my eye as unusual and I may not have seen at the meet before. So, here goes with a quick overlook of what I saw today, and if you see this post this evening, do plan to attend tomorrow, Sunday. First, below, I found this wood splitter different. Looking carefully it appears the gears drive down the wedge to split the wood.

This exhibitor had his “hit n miss” engine connected by belt to a device that then feed off three different belts to run different equipment simultaneously. When asked, he showed us how the corn husker worked – second image.

the mechanism diverting the belts in different directions is in the top right of these images – never saw this before I am sure.

related are the “toy” but functioning steam engines. Always intrigued by these, I finally did purchase one because I had to have one. This is an interesting example showing the engine driving various equipments.

sadly I sold my last (of eight) Model A Fords last year. But when my second 1929 Roadster went down the drive, I always pine for another. If this early 1928 Touring Car were for sale, it would be in my garage now. It is an original “survivor.”

a number of shows ago I saw a toy “hit n miss” engine, and debated. I went back to the booth at the flea market and it had been sold. Been looking for one since (I know better than to buy a real one – well maybe not), and finally saw this on a table for sale. No longer – it is mine and waiting for the right spot in my home.

Again, never saw something like this before — here is a cut away of a” hit n miss” engine.

and here is a monster I do not recall seeing before – just think of the weight !

the club has over the past several years been expanding its own club displays including a rail line. This is the first time I was able to ride. Fortunately the engineer stopped the train in the underpass before the rails stop. One derailment a year is enough – remember last October I was in a rail car that tipped over off the tracks?

and, finally here is a wonderful 1955 Shasta “canned ham” that was on the field. The owners were displaying their historic collection of Coleman lanterns.

May I say it again? Try to get to Dublin on 11 September for the last day of the show, but if you cannot, try to get to Ludlow, Vermont, in two weeks. Their Facebook entry is out of date, but I stopped there a month ago, talked with the farmers, and it is happening.

Remember – “hit n miss” that is the sound, and it is amazing how they work. ENJOY – yours, RAY

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