I know, I know — you have not heard from me here since my post on 2 May of my 11-13 April adventure with Bob Newhart. I am sorry, but I have been busy — just read the last couple issues of my newspaper THE WALPOLE CLARION. But that has to change, and I have to travel and share. I did get to (where else?) The Red Lion Inn the beginning of May, but I did not start working on that post until last night. Recently (so thieves do not know I am away) I have waited until I got home to write up a post – I used to accomplish them daily. But it has not happened during May — so, here I have to share today’s fun, I have more trips planned, and will get to the RLI May post soonest.

Remember I have gone to see “hit n miss” engines at the Gas Engine Meet in Dublin? I have reported my last three exciting times there – Sadly not being able to own everything, at least I could see the machines and all. Well, I read about the Third Dublin Market, an antique show event with Vintage Campers at the same site — And, today I went. (my panoramas can be clicked for full screen views)

What drew me there today? It was the small vintage campers – yes something I would have loved to own just like a “hit n miss” engine. I did not go yesterday because BLUE BELLE developed a noise, and I wanted Dr. Dewey to confirm my diagnosis. Yes, she needs a water pump transplant. Of course, her groan and squeal was not noticeable when we got to hospital yesterday, and today she hardly groaned — but I need to give my babys preventative care to try to alleviate “piggy-back” rides home.

I parked, in a special spot for old cars, and walked over to the three greatest displays and chatted with the owners.

How can you not want one? I want one !!!


and, to do it right, you have to have all the vintage accessories

the “small” interiors are “to die for.”  There is nothing new with the “tiny house” craze.

With almost 150 vendors, it was a nice “antique” show with vintage items – no junk, but sadly nothing that tempted parting with my cash or a cheque.

I chatted with the vendor whose books are below. If you have visited me, you know about my “book-alike” room. Still need to write a book about it, but I have hollow books, book safes going back to the 18th century. This fellow is now working full-time creating vintage book safes.

You know my passion, and my livelihood. He told me how he did his creations – BOOK END DESIGNS, and his card reads BookEndDesigns.etsy.com

There was an interesting assemblage of items for sale – I was not disappointed looking at the creations and will attend again next year.

Now, here is a “Canned Ham” that was for sale – $3,000 or OBO. Well, of course I spent time on Craig’s list when I got home and on eBay – this was not a deal needing a full restoration – have my eyes on a restored honey for $8K.

Hope your ears perked up at “canned ham” – your lesson, and new “fast fact” for the day. Note the shape of the little girl above and the beauties below. Get it now? Sorry, I did not invent the description, but learned on my internet search. Years ago I bought, and have in my library, a book on “Tin Can Tourists.” As Model Ts became popular, many were converted into campers to tour the country side. Farmers would rent roadside space, and the “campers” would park for the night and heat their dinners from tin cans.

Here is a 1963 Shasta Astrodome

and, more vintage eye candy

I chatted with the fellow who had a vision, and built this sleek model from the frame up – he has in mind his next iteration.

Of course (you know this), a 1954 Jewel —

too much fun…

I also chatted with the “left over” 60s hippy lady about her 1980s fiberglass model. Heavy scent of incense as she (as others also did) said, “look inside.”

Well, if I cannot travel the country side in a “canned ham” maybe I should install one in the back yard and start a unique B&B. What do you think?

Leaving I headed down to Peterborough, and then out Main Street north to West Peterborough stopping at Nature’s Green Grocer Cafe in West Peterborough. On an outing in BLACK BEAUTY, Ms. T. introduced me to this fine spot, where you can sit on the patio over the river enjoying your sandwich with BLUE BELLE looking on.

But, then it was – back roads of course – over to Hancock, then to Route 9, over the hill through Sullivan, up Route 11 to Gilsum, left along the river to Route 12A – left onto Walpole Valley Road – left turn onto dirt road Webster, and a right curve back into Walpole — always great to be back home, no matter how much fun you had.

And, the above can be “clicked” for full screen image. Catch you soon, love, RAY

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5 Responses to A CANNED HAM ADVENTURE – 3 JUNE 2018

  1. scotttho says:

    Oh Ray! You seriously need one of those small campers to aide in your travels all across America. You would totally love the camper lifestyle. I’m writing this from under the awning out front of my Airstream in which I will be living for the next five months.

  2. George E Lush says:

    Ray, I truly believe in the greater scheme of the universe, we are all connected. I was just thinking of you this afternoon, and as Emeril Lagasse would say, Bam!, there was a Shunpiking adventure waiting in my email. Cosmic. The title immediately brought a chuckle. “Canned ham,” indeed. What could this entail, thought I. Caravans, as the Brits call them. What a trip (pun intended) back to the mid 20th century. I also got a smile over the aging hippie lady’s trailer smelling of incense. Patchouli, anyone? I’m off to Reno and Carson City, NV in a few weeks to ride the Virginia and Truckee Railroad steam train from Carson City to Virginia City. You may recall the Ponderosa Ranch was fictiously located not far from Virginia City. I’ll say hi to the Cartwright’s for you. George

  3. Betty says:

    Oh, wow! Of course this is right up our alley; how much fun did you have there? You should buy a trailer and definitely use it as a B&B; it would totally be booked solid. I looked into staying at one in someone’s yard for a wedding I’m attending in Texas in October – guess what, it was totally booked 6 months in advance! What a great day you had; thanks for sharing!

  4. Marian says:

    Okay Ray, that is a great adventure. Love the campers and think you would do well with a B&B in the back yard. Just last week I saw on QVC one of the large rugs for outside at the door. Campers are darling. Nice to hear from you. Time seems to go so rapidly. Marian


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