MERRY CHRISTMAS from “44” – 24 DECEMBER 2019

Just about perfect – 29 December 2016

the next year, 2017, I was at David’s, and last year, three weeks following hip surgery I watched the Live Nativity on the Common from my front window. This evening, 24 December, I headed out at 8PM as residents were arriving for the 43rd live nativity in Walpole.

and, you know how the great story ends.

I do not remember what I did for decorations last year because of the hip replacement, but you may recall I enjoy little trees, and a few weeks ago they started growing again. In some cases in different places. But this is the scene I enjoy on the center island in my kitchen.

and looking over at the fireplace in the kitchen – these trees are usually on the mantle each year – about perfect

this arrangement in front of the fireplace is new sitting on top of a circa 1830 camphor chest I found last year in Peru (Vermont) for a bargain price at a sale of $10 – value over $300 (yes I have good eyes).

above you can see part of my “book alikes” collection on the left on the wooden hearth. To the right of the sunburst candle holder is a reproduction Zoetrope – always wanted one, so I got one. Just to the left of the big red M is a rare late 1800s Zobo Brass Kazoo I found in an antique shop – and, yes, another big score. Remember I visited the Original Kazoo Factory in Eden (New York that is) in May this year? I bought a box of Kazoos – the plan being to have a unique band in the Old Home Days parade in 2020.

And, due to the right environment, some trees grew on the table in the kitchen this year.

and the Dome Train Car arrived just this past Saturday – more on that later.

And in my front room with a few additions, including a tin double candle sconce that begged to be purchased (with candles) for $6 last Saturday.

And, I am content and comfortable.

Gary at the Lowell Trolley Museum

You may remember I enjoy letterpress printing presses, and have many of them. I sold one two weeks ago that I was not using, and knew I would miss it once it went down the drive, even though making a very nice profit. I got itchy, found another one in Lowell, Massachusetts, just begging to be bought at the price, and arranged to get it last Saturday. Just 23 minutes from Gary’s home, he met me, we had lunch (in an early diner of course), toured Lowell, and visited the Trolley Museum. It was a great get-together. I then “bought my way home” at shops I frequent on the other side of the state, and purchased some good books. With the future profit on those books I could justify buying two 1950s Lionel “streamline” cars, and you saw above my Dome Vista car. Actually, did not need the “justification profit” but it helps. Remember, if you want something, just buy it when you see it, and “gift it” to yourself.

In the trolley museum was this one cartoon I thought worthy of sharing – so clever.

And, how do I end my holiday wishes to you? I share one of my favorite images (which can be clicked for a full screen view) but with –

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, love, RAY


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3 Responses to MERRY CHRISTMAS from “44” – 24 DECEMBER 2019

  1. Chris says:

    Love your festive Christmas decor! When are you going to teach a letterpress class?

  2. Peggy Pschirrer says:

    Dear Ray,

    Happy to see the pictures of the Common and the nativity. I have missed it the last three years. This year I am in sunny Colorado Springs with daughter Annie and her family. Last night we attended a service at Grace and St Stephan ‘s, a magnificent building. The music was outstanding: Franz Schubert’s Mass In G. We see the spire of the Chapel at the Air Force Academy from Ann’s house. I am cooking our traditional dinner of standing rib of beef. Hope you are having a Merry Christmas. Peggy

  3. Laura Kelsey says:

    Dear Ray,

    Thanks for your inspiring pictures! Many years ago, I did some letterpress print projects at Seal Press in Seattle, Washington. Thirty-seven years ago, to be exact, since one of my projects was the program for Gus and my wedding! So I have great memories of setting type & choosing the most creative wing-dings. (Sounds like an motto for life!)

    Merry Christmas!
    Laura, of AardBooks connection, Fitzwilliam

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