It has almost been a month since I last said hi, so “hi.” The little cars have not been out, so they have no shunpiking stories to share, nor have I made any recent trips in GiGi – the “new” car. Remember last year I was slowing down so bought a new hip to get back moving fast? And, move fast I did. Some great trips including two that I have to finish the stories about – COAST TO COAST TO COAST BY TRAIN, and LAKES, LOCKS and LONG RIVER. But, they, and several book projects are “on the list.” And my lists are being developed for some down time I will have before I run hard again. You see, the potential “adjacent segmented degradation” that could happen after my back surgery four years ago happened – and moving about has become problematic. So I am pushing to get some more metal put in my back. I know what to expect.

If you have visited SHUNPIKING WITH RAY recently you may have seen on the right side “Coming Soon – Popcornman Ray.” Well soon was tonight, I posted the page, but have much more to add. I love having “works in progress” that I keep working on. So, here is the link for you to “pop to” – sorry, could not resist:


Catch you soon I hope with adventures, have a great 2020, yours, RAY

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