It is January 9, 2022, and I am getting crazier. I do well being by myself, but I do like to travel, explore, and learn. The past few months I have been reviewing and traveling with my posts of the past; but, there were not many to relive from 2020 and 2021. In my reviews, I could not find some areas I thought I had visited. I wanted to reread my visit to Slater’s Mill. Upstairs in the house I have an extensive archive of travel material that I have collected – much needs better organization – but in traveling through those piles and boxes the last couple weeks I found my notes from August 19, 2017, about the conclusion of my trip sleeping in the room where Lizzie Borden swung her axe. Remember that? If not – click on WHACKED IN FALL RIVER and enjoy a bloodless time. Who says you can’t have fun going through your writings and the material you’ve collected?

In reviewing those notes I found, and finding the raw images saved on iCloud, and looking at the date and time stamps, I was able to recreate and enjoy my visits to Battleship Cove and along the Blackstone River Valley. Slater’s Mill is but 2 1/2 hours away, and much is along the way to spend time with, and then even more fun traveling back home along the Lost Villages (Route 122) Scenic Byway (also check – Western Massachusetts Scenic Byways), and the Quabbin area. Remember I write for myself to remember, and for reference for continued adventures.

So, now I am planning touring this area in detail, possibly using a base in Woonsocket, RI. The region has much to offer in my areas of curiosity: canals, railroads, water power, and industrial development. In December I was also spending time in my chair touring and planning trips in the Catskills – but was afraid to head out – go away COVID! And, I want to get back to East Aurora and Buffalo, Eric Canal regions along the way there, OSV, and train whistles keep calling me. I found I also owe you my cruise on Lake George from this past fall, and still some Erie Canal and Hudson River cruising. But, for now, back to August 2017.

I have printouts from 15 August 2017 planning my route to Fall River through the Blackstone River Valley. On the 16th I briefly explored the route while heading to Fall River.

and stopped at the River Bend Visitor Center along the old canal

a great little museum – I need to get back. The one image I seem to have is of this model of a local canal boat.

In my post – WHACKED IN FALL RIVER 16 and 17 AUGUST 2017, I stated, “…I realized I should separate out this adventure to 230 2nd Street in Fall River– my B&B for two nights. The trip there and back will come later on.” But I did not think I would take almost 4 1/2 years to do so. Above is a synopsis of the 16th heading to Lizzie’s house. The day between my two nights there listening to stories and hoping for a ghost experience I headed to Battleship Cove in Fall River. On your visit, which I encourage, here is a sampling of what you will see, including a battleship, destroyer, submarine, and PT boat.

For size comparison — Note man to the left of gun turret



To the left is a section of main deck plating from the USS Massachusetts BB 59, frame number 40 Portside. During the early morning hours of 8 November 1942, as flagship of Task Group 34, the Massachusetts was engaged with the shore batteries at Casablanca French Morocco. This hole was caused by a shell from the shore batteries which penetrated a berthing space starting a fire which was quickly extinguished.


You know I like to frame my images through windows, and doors — looking out at the submarine – USS LIONFISH

Looking forward from the Conning Tower on the USS LIONFISH

And the PT boat exhibit

after two great evenings at the Lizzie Borden House – now new owners, and more costly – I headed to Pawtucket, Rhode Island and Slater Mill.

fascinating, and I will go back this year. Instead of detailing all I saw, maybe I will do that following my next visit, so instead, here are some galleries of images around the site that you can open up if you wish.

all right, just a couple words since you will want to know that the “block” I was told is imported China tea for the mill worker’s table

finishing up around noon I asked where to eat in the area, and was provided a list of “Lunch and Diner Options in Nearby Pawtucket and Central Falls, RI.” One jumped out as a “must do.” And, that winner was – THE MODERN DINER

And my notes from 19 August 2017 remind me that my meatloaf lunch cost me $8.95

It was then time to meander home, and I choose to head off to Worcester, and then Route 122 – The Lost Villages Scenic Byway – towards the New Hampshire border. One of the markers I visited is below – COLDBROOK SPRINGS – and I collected many pamphlets on the towns on the route. I will be back in the spring, and I will report to you.


1- If you cannot get out and explore – explore what you have written about before, explore the travel materials you have collected, and explore on-line what piques your curiosity in doing so.

2- Keep learning and working your brain to stay young.

3- And stay safe and healthy so when this pandemic abates we can again get out and SHUNPIKE

as always, luv, RAY

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