Remember that I write for myself to remember – but enjoy sharing. My recent explorations continue to be in Vermont – so close, but so far away in an historical feel. I have been learning about Dummerston, and have become fascinated with Guilford (population now about 2100) which during the early 19th century was the most populous town in the new state. I again toured Guilford on 27 November, and here listed (for my memory) are my trips leading up to yesterday’s drive.

1-I first discovered the Town of Guilford on a snowy day 9 February 2016 – check out the images on this post.

2-On some meanderings exploring covered bridges 1 July 2017, I was again in Guilford discovering for the first time the Green River Covered Bridge, and its wonderful surroundings. It was in this report I said, “…WOW – Guilford needs more exploration.” Do look at the images at the end of this 1 July 2017 post.

3-Traveling new backroads to Colrain, Massachusetts, early in 2021 to research the site of the first public school raising of the US Flag, I passed the Guilford Fairgrounds – seeing the grounds – the plan was to return for the fair, and I did with friends 5 September 2021. At the fair I enjoyed the historical society’s exhibit, but neglected to buy the Town History – I regretted that.

4-Heading to the Amos Brown house on 11 November, two weeks ago, I passed the Green River Covered Bridge, and remembered how much I wanted to enjoy picnicking there. I needed to learn more.

5-Communicating with Carol at the Guilford Historical Society, I drove down the day they were closing for the season, Wednesday, 16 November to get the book (checking my database I have bought and sold eight copies over the years – do you have a book when you want it?) Well I treasure my copy now of the OFFICIAL HISTORY – GUILFORD, VERMONT – 1678-1961. I had a nice visit, and they gave me a large wall map to use for explorations, studying it, I knew I had to get back soon. Saturday 27 November was the day – remember, what you see roadside varies each day, and each season.

I studied that map, I studied Google Maps. I always need to know how roads fit together, and why they and points of interest are where they are. Bordered on the east by US Route 5 and I-91, the majority of Guilford’s roads are dirt, and the longest roads run north to south: Weatherhead Hollow Rd. (with the Fairgrounds); Sweet Pond Road; and River Road. I needed to see them all, and off I went to Exit 1 on I-91, west on Guilford Center Road to Guilford Center where I found the library open.

I looped back close to sunset to capture the above image, thus it is dark. A fun little library, I picked up a copy of THE GUILFORD GAZETTE and a smaller map, easier to handle than the wall map that I did pack into the van. My “new” map is already showing wear.

Leaving the library, I headed west to the Covered Bridge to start new explorations, the plan to follow River Road south.

I crossed the bridge, and headed up the hill, always wanting to go up the hill. And for some reason I thought that was the road I wanted. With all my maps, I was wrong, and I finally realized I was heading west on Stage road to Jacksonville. No problem, had not been on this road before. Problem, as I climbed the dirt road was covered with ice. Not a problem since it had been sanded (end of November) and I slowed down. WAZE finally got a connection, and I figured out where to head towards Colrain and Massachusetts Route 112. The occasional sign helped.

Reaching The Mohawk Trail in Shelburne I stopped in the antique and craft store at the corner, and happily purchased another tree for my Christmas Tree Collection. It was then off to a couple antique shops on US 5 in Deerfield, and the gift shop at Deerfield Village. Net result – three cartons of books brought home to eventually find new homes, and some “extra change” for my “toys and trips”.

Then I decided I still had to find River Road in Guilford – that was the main objective for the day. As I said, most of the roads in Guilford (as highly detailed on the map I got at the library) are mainly dirt, and I cannot wait until a spring ride along the Green River in BLUE BELLE or BLACK BEAUTY.

Green River and River Road, Guilford, Vermont

One more road to experience, but first going in an opposite direction I was thrilled to see the Mineral Spring House property from afar. I told you about this spot when I discovered it at the historical society’s exhibit at the fair.

Getting dark a tad after 4, particularly under tree cover, but I was here, and had to head south down the middle route – Sweet Pond Road – and past Sweet Pond State Park. It was dark, and I look forward to getting back on this road which turns east and back to Weatherhead Hollow Road. At that point I turned north, back past the Fairgrounds, and into Algiers (now here is a fun story to tell you someday – the hook to get you back). In Algiers I turned north on US 5 and onto I-91 and home.

And, it was a wonderful seven plus hours out. RAY RECOMMENDS – Get out and explore – Not only educational, but rejuvenating, and I work harder when I get home. Stay safe and stay well. Hopefully catch you again before the holidays – as always, Luv, RAY

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  1. Bill Reed says:

    Further enjoyment of your adventures1 Thank you. Bill

    • Ray Boas says:

      Thank you for looking, Bill. Just reviewing THE SHIRES OF VERMONT 2021/2022 travel guide. Did not know that Diane Keaton’s BABY BOOM was filmed in Peru. Were you an extra? Now on my list to watch – take care, RAY


    • Tom Murray says:

      Ray, I went out to my Moms farm in June . She grew up on the Cutting Farm at Jacksonville Stage .You had to pass it on your way out to Green River. Anyway, i have not been near the area for over 10 years. Sadly , the farm isn’t the same ( not as robust) as i recall from the 60s and 70s. I did see a new certified organic sign on the barn wall. I took a picture. I saw things i wanted but i didn’t touch, but i must return soon. I would like to see how much my grandfather (Leon) was talked up in the Guilford history . I have time to explore if you ever want company. Tom.

  2. Carol Crolle says:

    Yet another satisfying “out and about” with my favorite guide. Makes me want to do more gadabouting. Merry Christmas to you, Ray, from snowy WNY. May God bless you. Carol

  3. William Moses says:

    Another enjoyable read. Thanks

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