…when Cathy died, I was playing Grandpa in the play YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU with the Walpole Players. 

The joyous memories remain until you no longer can remember. Cathy touched everyone she met. One should celebrate the good times, although crushed over the loss.

For more about “OUR MIRACLE” Move to New Hampshire in 2002” and life philosophies, I invite you to visit, relax, and reflect reading this page …

“OUR MIRACLE” Move to New Hampshire in 2002
Sadly followed by an update in 2008

Thank you, God Bless, love, RAY

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3 Responses to MAY 13, 2021 – 13 YEARS AGO – 13 WONDERFUL YEARS CLOSED

  1. Maggi says:

    Thinking of you today and hope that this beautiful day makes reminiscing easier for you. Although I only met Cathy once at your home, maybe during those annual Thanksgiving weekend festivities, I knew immediately what a special lady she was and I was looking forward to getting to know her better once I was in town more often. Fondly, Maggi

  2. Marsha Franty says:

    Thinking of you, Ray, and appreciating the reminder to live each day with joy and purpose.

  3. George Lush says:

    Dear Ray, 25 years ago, during a difficult time in my life, only one person, a cousin, reached out to me. Other relatives told me they “didn’t know what to say.” So they said nothing. That’s when I learned it’s not important what you say. What’s important is to let the other person know you care.
    So here’s letting you know there is someone 2,800 miles away who appreciates you.

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