The Story of LADYRAB III

INTRODUCING – LADY RAB III – 20 November 2020

1965 AIRSTREAM CARAVEL — LADY RAB III — A Week Later, 27 November 2020


There is just so much you can do as winter approaches, and Dr. Dewey was at the perfect stopping point as the snows approached his high elevation in Weston. “Time to wrap it up,” he advised. The messed up plumbing system was removed, we researched and emailed back and forth, and in developing a fix, Dewey emailed, “I have a vision.”

Would you believe I found LADY RAB III only two weeks ago? So much has transpired, and I have learned so much. The plan was that Bruce, the previous owner, would help and move her across the river when Dewey was done. I called him Thursday night, and he said, “Ray I know why you are calling, but I can’t.” His mother, age 92, fell and had 25 stitches and was waiting to go into hip surgery. I emailed Dewey saying that in the morning I would call David C., my now retired sports car diagnostician, for help. But, I know people’s email habits. David C. is on-line emailing early in the morning, so I sent him a note late at night asking for help. When I checked my emails Friday at 6:30 AM, David had replied at 6:24 saying he could not, but call his son, Patrick, who was waiting to hear from me. Patrick is another mechanical star, and woke up BLUE BELLE from an 18 year nap in two hours when I bought her. Patrick said, “let me plan my day, and I will call you back.” We met just before noon and headed across the river and up into the hills.

The clouds were ominous as Patrick hooked up. Fun visit with Dewey, and off we went.

there is something magical about seeing and following an iconic Airstream, but especially a vintage one, and even better if it is yours. But even better is being off somewhere in yours escaping what COVID may be left in 2021.

Arriving at “44” before 3PM, Patrick expertly backed her in alongside the shop, thus leaving space for snow to be plowed if need be.

But not 18 hours later, and before snow, Doug arrived to move her for me into his storage space.

but an easy two plus blocks from me, on a former farm property, this is LADY RAB’s “hibernation den” in front of Doug’s rig.

I will have to learn how to do this

to be able to slide “my baby” between a concrete cow trough and boat. Well, not that tight, but I need to be good. Already have on my Amazon wishlist a wireless backup camera to mount on LADY RAB

Doug’s 28 footer sees a possible meal.

and, off I headed home, but to return for visits. My new LED battery operated camping light (that I ordered last night) arrived at the post office today – but I had not planned on going when others can go. The light will allow me to sit in LADY RAB and gloat and dream.

And, how many trips did you make to Weston, Vermont in the past two weeks? I made four enjoyable trips, and on 2 December I made my third one to see the crazy redo of the waste lines. Guess who was waiting to see me?

LADY RAB – 1965 Airstream Caravel

below is the mess of incorrect and non-functioning piping that Dr. Dewey found. It is no more.

he also pulled the toilet, and moving some boxes that had probably been in the closet for  at least seven years, he discovered a pipe that black tape did not stop from leaking. Wonder why? Now I know why some of the plywood walls have flaked.

Former owner, Bruce, pulled up the drive and greeting us exclaimed, “I had a feeling you guys were at it.”

Here is Dewey (on the right) showing Bruce the breaks he found in the bumper. Dewey has the bumper for the winter, and it will look like new when he is done.

if you remember what the tongue looked like before, it is all cleaned up now. My original propane tanks have been tested and certified. That is great, you know I like original. Oh, Dewey, before I forget to tell you. Both Patrick and Doug have fancy trucks with all sorts of devices. Doug’s truck told him there was a problem somewhere, and he found that the trip wire for the emergency “kill switch” is “hot.” Put that “on your list.”

As you can imagine, I have spent a great deal of time on-line researching and learning the 1965 Caravel systems, and proper equipment. I told Scott and Betty that the replacement refrigerator (propane and electric) really bothers me. It is larger than what should be there, and to make it fit the counter top was cut and the unit extends way up. Kills the aesthetics as you look and go inside, it looks bad, and effective counter space is lost. As you can see, and don’t you agree?

Scott warned me what a correct unit would cost, “it is not a small dorm refrigerator for a $100,” he said. He warned me, I know, but replacing it to one of the correct size and appearance is important to me. So, some more research for the correct unit. I found these images on line for guidance. Of course you can “click” my galleries for larger view.

some variations, but you see how more spacious the kitchen area becomes – at least visually – with the counter top as it should be. Black tile has been placed over my original floor tiles – they are not great, and I have to do something. The top images above show carpeting on the right, but wood laminate on the floor on the left. I like that, and the correct selection will tie the space together, and give it a larger appearance.

Well, the snow has not come here as yet, but it has rained all day. Remember, I have written this for my own pleasure, memory, and to look at on the days I do not run over for a visit. This may be the last LADY RAB post until the spring, but then “watch out” because we will be “on the road.”

Catch you soon with a post from a selection of “Christmases Past.” Until then, stay safe and stay well, love, RAY

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INTRODUCING – LADY RAB III – 20 November 2020

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4 Responses to HOME and into HIBERNATION — 5 DECEMBER 2020 – 1965 AIRSTREAM CARAVEL

  1. Betty says:

    Glad your new Lady had a chance to stop by for a visit before heading on to her winter home. That’s a great picture next to your store!
    Visit her often and give her a nice pat for us when you see her. Let her know we hope to see her soon!

  2. George Lush says:

    Ray, A few months ago I watched a YouTube video on how to stay young. I thought to myself: stay curious and stay active. Sure enough the presenter mentioned these two things. You certainly fit the bill. Isn’t it exciting to have new worlds to explore? I wish you many happy adventures with Lady Rab III. There’s always something new to learn, explore, and experience. And I know you, sir, will gather no moss. George

    • Ray Boas says:

      Love it, George — Stay Curious and Stay Alive. I find just reading a book I will turn to the laptop to look up a place or word because I am curious. I am convinced the mental agility will keep us young. And, again we are “cut of the same cloth.” Stay well, yours, RAY


  3. scotttho says:

    Great job Ray! She looks REALLY great being towed out on the road where she belongs. So glad she’s been adopted by such a caring and conscientious owner. We can’t wait to see what amazing things you do to restore her and also can’t wait until our first opportunity to “rally” with you. Keep up the great work!

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