I got back from the Post Office shortly after 3PM on Wednesday, changed into pajamas, and have no desire, or need to go out until mid-Friday. Most years recently I have visited the boys, or dined out with a friend. But this year the Massachusetts Governor said, “stay away Ray!” (I did not want to chance a trip anyway). It is also not worth chancing even a nice inn where strangers from who knows where will be. Thus, just a quiet, “old-fashioned” Thanksgiving Day at home. But that does not mean I cannot enjoy some Thanksgivings past, and also share with you.


Last year I shared with you AN OLD-FASHIONED THANKSGIVING written by Louisa May Alcott in 1882. I adapted the story to fifteen minutes, and gave a reading at the Town employee dinner last year. Please click on this link, and enjoy the tale of Thanksgiving. (this is Tilly reading to her siblings). You may wish to read aloud, socially distanced with your family.



Also last year, 2019, I experienced “A NEW ENGLAND THANKSGIVING” at Old Sturbridge Village on 19 November. All around the village preparations were being made from practicing shooting for a bird, to preparations on the hearth. Below is the table at the hearth in the kitchen el of the Freeman Farm. Do click the link above to retour that afternoon with me.


In 2017, I stumbled on 300 Years of Thanksgiving – a 90 minute weekend guided tour at Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth. What a great way to start my holiday excursions, and off I went for two nights, 19-20 November. I am really enjoying reliving that trip which also included “A Festival of Trees” that was fun to document. I think I got many great images on that trip, so please take the time, and click on this link “to get in the spirit.” Below is a table set at Strawbery Banke (yes, spelled correctly) circa 1919 at the Shapiro House.

So, what about my “old-fashioned” thanksgiving and this year’s Christmas excursions to decorated inns and special exhibits? You know the answer, there will be none in 2020. But, I have memories of travels past, easily prompted with my posts, because you know that “I write for myself, but love to share.” Growing up, my mother was thrilled when Swanson developed TV Dinners sometime in the 50s. Remember those? Compartmentalized in a pressed aluminum tray, portion of meat in the biggest space, flanked by two vegetables, or one vegetable and potatoes, and if lucky a desert in the small center section at top. Can you picture it? What fun to journey back and treat myself to a Swanson Turkey Dinner. But alas, the little shop I frequent across the river has a limited, albeit wonderful, selection, and this year I will have myself a BANQUET.

But, how is LADY RAB III you ask? I thought you never would. She was moved to Dr. Dewey’s Tuesday. He will be performing surgery to return her derriere to its youthful curvy shape. I was thinking he would be waiting until after TDAY, but he jumped in yesterday, and I anxiously await his email to visit Friday or Saturday. As you can see in this image he sent me, he has already trimmed off the excess fat someone once fed her. He believes he may have found another hiccup with her innards for excretion, but time will tell. And, as it can be said, “nothing is a problem if it can be fixed with money.”

And what have I have been doing? Well, lots of on on-line research on the proper way LADY RAB’s rear end will receive her “metal surgery.” Also reading much more about Airstreams is on the agenda for the day, and time to jump into another mystery, and maybe finish it. So…

Stay Safe and Well
as always, luv, RAY

and, until no longer needed, I will continue to run this banner in THE WALPOLE CLARION

and, you know, about this time of year I also start to get more of my trees out. I do enjoy them.

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4 Responses to An “OLD-FASHIONED THANKSGIVING” – 26 November 2020

  1. George Lush says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ray. It’s very early here in Las Vegas, but I’m usually up before the dawn. Congratulations on the acquisition of Lady Rab III. May you have many delightful adventures with her. I chuckled over the Swanson TV dinner reference. I’ve joked to people that because it’s just Joyce and I this Thanksgiving, we were having frozen turkey dinners. As I have said before, we think alike. It’s uncanny. All the best, George

    • Ray Boas says:

      Yes, as we have said – “uncanny parallels” and very early out your way. I had fun with my TV dinner description – the memories, and the little apple crisp desert or pudding/cake that baked. Have no idea what it was, but it was a treat – Enjoy yours, RAY


  2. Chris says:

    I wonder if Dr. Dewey could return my derrière to its youthful curvy shape? Luck Lady Rab III !

  3. Betty says:

    I know, I know, it’s well after Thanksgiving but I finally got a chance to read this post-hey, at least it’s before Christmas! I really enjoyed rereading the Alcott story but also read about those corn husk dolls you made. So what did I do? Of course, went on YouTube and watched how to make them. Something I’ll keep in mind perhaps if I ever have a granddaughter…
    Enjoyable, festive post! Thanks, Ray!

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