25 YEARS — 18 MAY 1995 to 18 MAY 2020

Some Dates You Remember,
and Today is the Date for Me
Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Ray and Cathy (22 March 1956 – 13 May 2008)

Some things you save for the memories — but most important are the memories in your mind. These saved bottles (below) are memories. In the center we had this wine on one of our first dates at the restaurant next to my shop in Haddonfield, NJ – Swanson – Napa Valley Merlot – 1992. We later served it at our wedding dinner party, saving this one bottle. On the left is The Red Lion Inn – Cabernet Sauvignon saved from the four day Millennium Celebration we attended over 31 December 1999 at the Inn. And, the folk art girl adorns Ballet of Angels from Pomfret, CT, which we discovered at dinner in the late 90s while scouting books in Pomfret.

You know the Red Lion Inn is special to me, and I cherish my nostalgic overnights. Part of the “package” during the Millennium Celebration were portraits on the staircase. No, Cathy was not that short, she is on a lower step than I am. You may recall, that even today as I sit in the lobby, in front of the fireplace, I can hear Cathy’s footsteps coming down the stairs from “our room” Number 340.


I am where I am, and who I am because of Cathy,
I have been blessed,
                                thank you God.

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10 Responses to 25 YEARS — 18 MAY 1995 to 18 MAY 2020

  1. Carol Crolle says:

    What a lovely tribute to your beautiful wife. God has blessed you with memories to sustain until you are reunited once again. Sending hugs… virtual ones…from Chautauqua. Carol

  2. George Lush says:

    Ray, What a lovely portrait of you and Cathy. Cherished memories indeed. Our son Greg will be marrying his charming fiancée Michelle on June 20th. A small immediate family ceremony this year, the big extravaganza reception will be next June. Although they didn’t plan it, June 20th was my mother’s birthday. I’m the shortest person in our entire extended family, so I always stand one step above everyone else. And I notice the three stripes on your uniform sleeve. A commander. I’m impressed. Gotta say, you touched my heart with this post. George

    • Ray Boas says:

      Thank you, George, for writing. Yes, twenty-two years active duty in the US Navy Supply Corps. You, of course, remember Cathy in New Preston. Have a nice wedding, and the chance for a second celebration next year, RAY


  3. Chris says:

    Cathy was a very special person. I often think of her.

  4. Jana Sellarole says:

    What a wonderful remembrance, and such a gorgeous portrait of the two of you!

  5. Shirley boas says:

    Cathy was a kind and lovely woman
    Cathy was loved
    She added so much to the family. She brought you closer to your Dad. Wonderfully loyal to you and our family
    She is remembered in my nightly prayers

  6. Betty says:

    So many wonderful memories for you, Ray. Cathy was a wonderful, eclectic, funny, generous and loving woman. So glad she found you and brought you into our lives.
    Thanks for bringing a smile and memories to us! She is missed but never forgotten…

  7. Carol Boerner says:

    What a gorgeous picture of two exquisitely happy people. You have been a joy in my life.

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