We have a problem in town, and I told you about that in my last post (sadly I may not be able to have a travel post until Maine opens in July, hopefully). The problem may have stemmed from a report in the April issue of THE WALPOLE CLARION on page 10, or from our follow-up article in the May issue on page 21. But, they are here bringing smiles and hope to residents from valley to hills. It occurred to me, I need to document images of the pink invasion for posterity. So, I sent the below out this evening around town, BUT, if you can help, do so and send me your images (and location). And, to follow the progress you can visit THE WALPOLE CLARION website, for updates (I will post the findings on the sidebar as they occur). And, you may even wish to “sign-up” to follow and receive posts from my newspaper. Stay safe, yours, RAY

To View Images and Details of Sightings to Date


The invasion continues, and continues to bring hopes and smiles to residents from one end of town to the other. South to North, and East to West. I received an email earlier today from Charles Caserta, saying, “HI Ray…..they’re playing in the pond at entrance to Walpole Valley Farms !!” I had to see them.

So, I “broke the rules” and left my home with BLUE BELLE (1960 MGA for those of you who don’t know), and toured the hills and back roads to Surry and back, circling down Wentworth Road to see the “new” pink feathered friends. And, here they are enjoying the pond life. You can click the image to enlarge if you wish.


And, then it occurred to me. Many people have said these “pink things” have flocked their way also. “Why not set up a page on the CLARION website, and share everyone’s pink visitors,” Ray said to Ray. So, I am asking, no pleading, that you share your Flamingo images, and I will begin sharing them with the world on-line.

Take a nice shot, and email it to me at rayboas@comcast.net  — I am sure there are many out there, lets capture (in picture) as many as we can to share with the world. I look forward to receiving your precious pink portraits soon. Thank you, and stay safe, yours, RAY

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