Did you get to the end of my 4th of July post? Did you see my last comment – “I have a mission tomorrow. I wonder if the local dealer is really “ready to deal.” Well, what may seem an impulsive decision, really it is not. Maybe a year plus of thought was involved, but once the bug bites, I move to action, and I did on July 5th. I did my research and knew what to expect as to trade values VS selling on my own, and average actual retail sales prices. Early Thursday afternoon, 5 July, I shook hands (so easy), wrote a check, and GiGi (to be brought in from a dealer in Massachusetts) was mine. What I wanted, besides four wheels, was cruise control (now called speed control) a radio, and the Granite exterior. I never even saw the interior of the car offered me. Impulsive? Yes, but it works.

Meet my “new lady” — GiGi !!! My friends know I awake with ideas. Friday I awoke – “GiGi.” So obvious, her color is granite, we live in the Granite State, and she is a “lady” – a pretty young lady.

There is something terribly comfortable about an “old shoe.” GiGi is my sixth Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler “van.” Hey, you know what I do. Have you any idea how easy it is to load boxes of books, or tubs of the WALPOLE CLARION inside to move? Not to mention anything else that may catch my whim while on the road – a goat, or patio set for Gary.

GiGi now makes the 6th “set of wheels” for this single fellow. Not really necessary. LADY RAB has only traversed 4 miles in the last two years, and now the ten year old “gray ghost,” with its potential hiccups, was excess to my needs. Been thinking about selling

Bye dear “Gray Ghost”

LADY RAB – even though I wanted to die with a Model A, and I planned on moving the “gray ghost” along. Listed both on Craig’s List Friday night. Two hours later the phone rang for the “old” Dodge van. Short story shorter, the family arrived early Saturday afternoon from Nashua to look. I priced firmly at $4950. In my ad I said, “If I wanted to haggle, I would price at $6500 and settle for $5200.” They were here a short time, a drive around the Common, mentioned the potential problems (which I knew), and said we brought $4500 cash. As you know, Ray has several philosophies. One is price to move, and the another is “time (particularly mine) is money.” I said fine, but did you bring plates? They did, from their other van – I said I did not hear that. And that was it.

Now, do not think I have neglected BB1 and BB2. BLACK BEAUTY’s electrical system was replaced recently (remember her 99 mile piggy back ride home from Pittsfield?), and BLUE BELLE came home Saturday with a new generator and rear wheel bearings and seals. Today I purchased four “new shoes” for her to be installed on Thursday. As Cathy would have told you, “I take care of my ladies.”

PW1 has already approved of GiGi. Tomorrow I will see Sandy and leave all the paperwork to transfer my plates over. And, next I will get GiGi’s passport for an already planned out of CONUS trip scheduled in August. Oh, just too much fun.

Not much has changed inside, thus my comfortable feeling, but GiGi is well appointed.

I will not comment on her lines or posterior – not appropriate for a gentleman.

Well there will be new adventures with GiGi (that could be a whole separate travel blog). If you would like to help LADY RAB find a new home, you can find all the particulars clicking on this link.

Stay young and vibrant, I know I am, as always, yours, RAY

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3 Responses to INTRODUCING GiGi – MY “NEW LADY” – 9 JULY 2018

  1. Sue says:

    So glad you have a new van; she is a beauty!


  2. Marsha Franty says:

    Enjoy your new wheels! I await eagerly your next adventure!

  3. Marian says:

    Very nice looking van Ray. Love the color. Enjoy and start putting miles on GiGi, so we can ride along.

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