And, a happy and safe 4th to you all. I was “bad” today, “very, very, bad.” I did not travel to celebrate Calvin Coolidge’s birthday in my favorite Plymouth Notch, Vermont. You know I have done this for years, and there is something pleasurable about a comfortable routine, knowing what to expect. But I came across a flyer a month or so ago  — celebrate the 4th in Wardsboro, Vermont. So, for a change, I went. Wardsboro in south central Vermont (you have not heard of it I am sure) is on Route 100, and very, very small. Today was the 69th annual 4th of July parade – southern Vermont’s oldest continuously running parade.

The parade started at 10 AM at the bridge on Route 100 just north of Main Street. Coming up and turning down Main, past the reviewing stand at the Town Hall, and then circling back. After browsing the 50 various vendor’s booths, I planted myself at the intersection of Route 30 and Main Street.

Lots of attendees enjoying themselves, but maybe six floats, a bicycle, many “antique” cars (not!!! I do not relate to the 60s and 70s in rides — Black Beauty would have shown them all up, but she choose to stay parked in a field so her temperature would not be affected), and bringing up the rear were most of the fire trucks in southern Vermont.

The parade lasted maybe 40 minutes, but that is the two loops – coming back past the judge’s stand awards were passed out.

and, following is a gallery of what I saw (click an image to view the larger slideshow)

Of course I had to have lunch there. Not a bad lunch (and not bad legs either)

Following lunch I toured the booths again and listened to music.

And, I had to share this thoughtful display

Back to BLACK BEAUTY (there was a shuttle to the field), back up Route 100, right on Route 30, and then left at the Townsend General Store up, up, up (for miles on end) the hill to Windham – another small spot you should visit. At the crossroad I turned right to Grafton, another great ride, and lots of dirt and scenery. You know the Inn at Grafton is special to me.

And, here is the perfect Main Street in the perfect Grafton, Vermont. And, Ray’s “perfect timing” to catch a holiday festive red car passing the flag.

About 5 hours away, and home again. Hot and humid, impacting on easy sleeping, so I am enjoying some less humid peacefully inside for a change.

I had a revelation this week – big time. For almost a month I have had spread out on the porch my pending trip ideas. Many a distance away, and I have been trying to tie into traveling by train to the destinations, and then rent a car. But working with schedules, and then checking driving time on Google Maps, it is less time to drive. So, I said, “Ray, make the train trips the adventure alone and not tied into something else. Best to drive to the things you want to do this year.” But, I have been hesitant to drive the “new car” for a long journey. Not that it wouldn’t make it, but you get to a point where you don’t want to worry. So, research this week, and it is time to make a change. I have had five Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler vans in a row since 1990, the current Grey Ghost for ten years. Next year is the last year for the Dodge Grand Caravans – the perfect transportation for me, and wonderful for moving books and everything else. I do not understand why people spend $40,000 for a fancy car when all you need to do is get from one place to another. Based upon my research, I have a mission tomorrow. I wonder if the local dealer is really “ready to deal.”

Happy 4th of July – as always, yours, RAY

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6 Responses to HAPPY 242nd BIRTHDAY USA – 4 JULY 2018

  1. Marian says:

    Very nice “regular” parade. Lovely hamburger and fries for stability. Was a great day.
    Have a lovely 4th of July, today.

  2. Sue says:

    Happy 4th Ray. Small town parades are always fun! So glad you made this one. I miss the parade in around Top, Tx. The population is 81 but the parade always brings hundreds of people to around Top. Check it out sometime on the web. Enjoy the rest of the day!💥💥🍔🌭🎉🎊

  3. Chris Burchstead says:

    Having spent most of my childhood in Vermont, I am familiar with Wardsboro. To me it represents the “real” Vermont.

  4. Betty says:

    What a nice change for you for the 4th; Wardsboro looks delightful. My brother has been working in Vermont for a few months now and went to a parade on the 4th in the town of West Windsor. He loved all 10 minutes of it! Sounds like you had similar VT experiences, although the Wardsboro parade was longer.
    I’m hoping to see a post about whatever you decide to use as your new transportation mode.
    Thanks for the parade pictures! Tomorrow night are the fireworks in our development and we’ll be enjoying them with the neighbors. Happy Mid-Summer!

  5. Roberta says:

    Free showers – be good to the pets! Always fun to travel with you Ray

  6. Carol Crolle says:

    Thanks again for the ride and adventure. We’re well and enjoying life. Back working at the Welcome Center at Chautauqua. Celebrated our Golden Anniversary in June. Family hosted a lovely dinner for sixty at a favorite restaurant. Please give Black Beauty a special pat from me…it was the best novel I ever read. Carol

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