URBAN DICTIONARY  “Hopeless Romantic” – “This person is in love with love. They believe in fairy tales and love. … All hopeless romantics are idealists, the sentimental dreamers, the imaginative and the fanciful when you get to know them. … Hopeless Romantics are NOT Hopeless per-say, but very true, caring, and loving people. They are “NOT MADE FOR TODAYS STANDARDS”, sadly. They believe in passion, chivalry, and true love. They have loved sincerely at one point in their life, discovered what love feels like …”

Having been affectionately called a “hopeless romantic” I had to find the definition.  This is a good fit, and descriptive of me.  Having had 13 years of loving love, a believer in chivalry and treating ladies as ladies, and caring deeply for my friends (not to mention enjoying candlelight dinners even by myself) about all I can say is Ray is Ray.

But also you know that I love to write and play with words.  This past week I played some with words on Facebook posts.  But my Facebook “friends” do not necessarily get “Shunpiking with Ray.”  “Hey,” Ray thought, “I can share those writings here.” So, here are some of those other thoughts, but first I will start at the Fort at Number 4 Halloween Eve – a study in candlelight (not on Facebook) — and then backwards through the week to a conclusion.

Of course as Halloween approached, I wandered around town appropriately attired, but changed into a fuller costume when the school children were parading through town.  I passed out candy to the youngsters when they passed COSTUME LADIES. Sorry no images – I was very busy.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN — Not everyone can pull this off with class and style (but I can – and then it becomes elf time). – FACEBOOK CAPTION

HALLOWEEN – not fun “on the common”  Maybe a dozen kids trick or treating age live within a half mile of me, but by 5 PM 300 or 400 kids can be seen around the common, and close to 800 or more will materialize during the evening.  I gave up giving out candy about 8 years ago – would need a second or third job to pay for it all – Halloween is not what it was when I grew up. I got back from Keene Halloween evening about 5:45 as it was getting dark.  All my lights were out, but as I was getting out of the car over 20 kids started running down the drive to the rear door.  “I am only here for two minutes,” I called out.  They retreated. I brought groceries in and started to unpack – lights still all out.  There was pounding at the rear door – never before at the rear.  I decided I had to go to Rogues, Pickpockets and Thieves at the Fort at Number Four before I planned to, just to escape.

Candle-1One of my favorite places to visit since I have lived here, the fort is a replica of the 1752 fortification for the town of Charlestown – Number Four. I have enjoyed many French and Indian War reenactments and Thanksgiving Harvest Dinners, and several of the All Hallows Eve events. But last evening only a dozen or so folks attended, and there was not as much going on as in the past.  The “Doctor” explained that volunteerism is off due to the 18 month closing a few years ago, and many volunteers got involved elsewhere.  But having said that, the fort is always worth a visit, especially for events, and I did enjoy my time there last night.

I attended the witch trial – amazingly the witch was acquitted.


These unsavory characters were in the “store”


The doctor’s tools in candlelight (what did you expect, LCDs?)


and two final candlelight studies (you can always click on them to enlarge you know)



I saw this on Facebook posted by The Red Lion Inn, and had to share. — “Throwback Thursday-1986 Norman Rockwell’s studio was split in two and moved to the Norman Rockwell Museum grounds. RLI on the left.”


You know this is my favorite place, and today they posted this neat image. Of course I recommend visits to The Norman Rockwell Museum, and need I say to The Red Lion Inn. (my suite was on the top floor in the front corner in this image). FACEBOOK CAPTION

October 25th was our cemetery tour, but also The Village School’s SPOOKTACULAR fundraiser.  All day there are hayrides around town, and residents are encouraged to display scarecrows. I helped Barbara (THE Costume Lady – people hesitate when I answer her phone, but I quickly say, “I am the costume guy”) set this fellow in my front yard.


Never know what I am going to do each day, but decided when I got up that I would read Walpole’s best selling book to Alex. Don’t forget the Cemetery Tour today at 3PM.. Come wish the Rev. Henry W. Bellows a happy 200th birthday. FACEBOOK CAPTION

This was my Facebook post on 24 October:

Another romantic evening on my porch (albeit alone). Reading about England’s canals, and preparing for my alter-ego reappearance at the cemetery tomorrow. Almost “too much fun.”




Also on 31 October I teased folks about a big announcement coming on 1 November, and when yesterday came I posted:

This is the day – SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – I MADE IT!  Yes, it is 1 November and I have yet to turn the heat on.  House is a comfortable 52 degrees.  If I ever turn the heat on, I can turn thermostat down from 61 to 59 without pain.  Hey, we welcome 50s and 60s in the summer.  Ulterior motive?  YES, I am on a quest. I am moving into my Corvette mode – need a classic 60s/70s Vette.  WHY?  Why not. Have not bought a “toy car” in 11 months. Never had a Corvette (been through my Mustang stage). Be fun to see if I can get a fourth car in my two car garage (new junque sits outside).  Or, a friend bought a house this week and said I could have her garage for my toys.  SO – every farthing I save on heat is another farthing for a “new toy car.”  Will let you know if I ever turn the heat on (snow coming tonight), and WHEN I GET MY VETTE! – FACEBOOK CAPTION


And, sadly followed this morning (hard to work my fingers on keyboard) – “I gave in. 48 degrees inside the house. Turned heat on, set thermostat down to 60. And winds really stirring outside.” – FACEBOOK CAPTION

A CHRISTMAS CAROL auditions are the end of this week, and I will be very, very busy through 13 December.  Been struggling about where to take a break after voting Tuesday morning.  Really been struggling about what to do – hard to believe.  Maine came on the radar, but this time of year most small museums, etc. are closed.  I just want to “veg” out and read and write.   And what makes the most sense?  In front of the fire in the lobby of The Red Lion Inn?  Gee, have not been there for two weeks. Will someone please “throw me in that briar patch.”

Enjoy your day, as always, yours, RAY


PS – How do you like my “new” lamp I got Friday?  Receiver is off hook to turn lamp on!

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  1. scotttho says:

    Great candle light pictures Ray, very authentic looking. And, when you get that Vette you’ll certainly need to pay a visit to Bowling Green, KY to visit the factory and the National Corvette Museum (sink hole and all).

  2. sportscarservices says:

    Your timing is perfect Ray ! The gold neck chains are always on sale after Halloween.


  3. Roberta says:

    You missed a good one Ray- I spent Halloween night @ Stone Pizza- Rocking band Fun people!!
    I love to dress up! I went as a gypsy with a red rose in my hair-very romantic
    Can’t wait for next years party! Happy Travels Roberta

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