You may know that I am obsessive about collecting travel literature and filing it for future reference.  Today I hit a bonanza of some of the best Vermont brochures I have ever seen.

Windsor Diner - Windsor, VT - Worth the Trip

Windsor Diner – Windsor, VT – Worth the Trip

It was back to the Mount Ascutney hospital for my annual physical exam, and I still am in healthier shape than most 40 year olds !!!  So I treated myself to a western omelet at the Windsor Diner which I have reported on before — DAY OUT – SEPT 29, 2011 

I was planning to come straight home, but then “Ray is Ray.” With leaves off the trees you always get to see new scenery, and I realized there were a few small streets in Windsor between US 5 and the Connecticut River that I had not been on, so in true shunpiking form (even if in town) I turned down a small street to explore the few roads (checked them out first on my IPhone while savoring my omelet).  Can now say I have explored there, but crossing the railroad tracks and heading towards the old train station (c1901), on the left I saw the Connecticut River Byway Windsor Waypoint Center – and it was open.   Of course I went in, did you have to ask?

Wonderful panels talking about local history (I took images to remember the facts – particularly on the Merino sheep, and local industries), and there were travel brochures and booklets I have never seen.  Whenever I turn off I-91 onto I-89 heading towards Burlington I always stop at the Hartford Welcome Center to see what is new to collect – but my travel brochure collection is extensive for planning trips and I usually see nothing new there.  Today was different (and now I will have to get to the Waypoint Center in Bellows Falls)

I have been meaning to develop my page of Day Trip Ideas, and based on what I collected today I will have to start.  Here are the treasures now in my collection:

  1. VERMONT 91 – A TRAVEL GUIDE OF THE EXITS ALONG INTERSTATE 91 — Great with history and ads for both sides of the river — 95 pages
  2. VERMONT BY RAIL – Your Connection Guide – Summer-Fall 2013 Vol. 1. — history of 12 trains stops for the Amtrak Vermonter.  Contains railroad and local history – 20 pages
  3. REVOLUTION, RIGHTS AND RULES: A STUDENT’S GUIDE TO THE VERMONT CONSTITUTION — Teacher’s aid, but history in simple terms – 37 pages
  4. EXPLORE VERMONT BYWAYS  – days of travel adventures in Vermont
  5. CONNECTICUT RIVER HERITAGE TRAIL – focuses on Claremont, Cornish & Plainfield, NH and Windsor and Hartland, Vermont — 77 miles of history and exploration  —  and on their website I found a resource of 8 trails with 2800 sites
  6. VERMONT COUNTRY INNS and B&Bs — so, if I spend one night in each what an adventure

I had to share the above resources and think I will have to start a local shunpiking club — put your tops down (going “topless”), and pack your picnic baskets.

Catch you soon, your faithful traveler, RAY

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4 Responses to SHUNPIKING IN VERMONT – PLANNING AHEAD – 6 November 2013

  1. Betty says:

    Wow, Ray! First, kudos for the western omelet 🙂 Next, you certainly have a lot to explore. We’d love to be a part of some of it with you when we come up sometime…it wouldn’t be “topless”, but it would be fun nonetheless!

  2. Ray Boas says:

    cannot believe how much is still here in my backyard — hurry and come share “topless” or not !!!

  3. Marian says:

    The dnner is so darling and just plain inviting. Congratulations on your checkup and 40th year.
    Hugs, Marian

  4. Carol Crolle says:

    Thanks for sharing the glorious details of your adventures with me. I feel as if I’m with you on your shunpikings. Congrats on a great check-up. Looks like there are many more trips to come. God bless you, Ray. Carol

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