PLYMOUTH NOTCH, VT and LEAVES – 2 October 2013

If I were to ask you, “where is my favorite place?”  You had better answer, “Calvin Coolidge’s birthplace, Plymouth Notch, VT.”

Driving across southern New York state last Saturday, the color on the leaves on high elevations was wonderful.  And the Saturday before crossing VT Route 9 the colors too at the high elevations were wonderful.  I was afraid I would be missing the color back home, and I am still not sure — it has been a strange year.  The weather was beautiful today, Comcast’s computer connection was down, and BLACK BEAUTY said, “let’s go.”  So off we went a tad before 3 PM for a “three hour tour.”  In many places the trees are bare, and peak spots and views will be mixed this year, I have no idea.  But here is the fun we had today.  Enjoy my little slice of “God’s Country.”  Yours, RAY

About my best color view was on VT 100 just below Echo Lake


This is behind the President’s homestead from the Cheese factory


Looking down the street from the Cheese factory


No explanation necessary, you know one of my fetishes

On President Coolidge's porch.

On President Coolidge’s porch.

The Wilder House and barns to the south


Top of the Notch


You saw this last month, sans fall decoration


Off into the fields


“She” did not want to leave!!!


And, I am back to trying panoramas, click to get the full effect, but come back !!!


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2 Responses to PLYMOUTH NOTCH, VT and LEAVES – 2 October 2013

  1. Chris Burchstead says:

    I love Plymouth, too. It’s like the “real” Vermont!

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