STAY-CATION and NEW YEAR’S WISHES – 31 December 2012

I started this year end post several days ago, and now is time to finish it.

Tonight (Friday 28 December) at dinner I thought I would start a post giving you a post-operative update.  Yes, I am taking my convalescence from foot surgery very seriously and consider this my first ever stay-cation, albeit without my usual hard running while on a trip away from home.

Surgery on 18 Dec, Gary brought me home. Wednesday I was pretty active, and Thursday slept most of the day. Friday I had my first post-op doctor’s visit after which Gary left at 3PM, and I have been on my own ever since.  And, I have been remarkably fine and have had no pain or problems for which I thank Him (and Cathy) with daily prayer.  BP brought over some lasagna on Friday night which was a great two meals, and L&D left some homemade soup Sunday afternoon, which I enjoyed that evening and the next.  I had laid in a good supply of groceries, but on Wednesday after Christmas TS picked up a few fresh items that I needed to fill out a 10-14 day supply (I make a few dishes that last me 3-4 days).  CN has (as she does when I am gone) been taking care of Cricket in the shop because I do not even want to take chances on the three steps in the mud-room before hustling through the garage to the shop – I would probably cry if I saw Black Beauty and Blue Belle unused anyway.  My days have alternated between heavy duty rest and some minimal activity in my informal front sitting room – activity involving reading, writing and laptop keyboarding.

As my days progressed after Christmas I worked on two articles for THE WALPOLE CLARION, worked on Town Treasury stuff, and read two small books.  The key to healing is rest, icing the foot, and an electronic bone stimulator – following this regimen has been my main job.  I have minimized my movement around the first floor only, and have the Dec-jkitchen set up for cooking ease.  Netflix is a nice relaxing time filler, and I am now working through the TV series WINGS, which has great characters and wonderful writing.

You have heard me say that I wake up with thoughts that provoke me to action, and on the 28th I said, “Ray, time for an Apple laptop for travel, and time to begin thinking about 2013 trips – read about Scotland!”  I actually listen to myself.  Some research on the Apple website, phone call with David for recommendations, and my 13 inch MacBook Air (I forgot about a check I was getting at the end of the year) is now due to be delivered 4 January.  My Dell laptop is big, weighs over 8 pounds (most evident when on crutches) whereas my new Apple laptop is small, thin, and Dec-iis 2.96 pounds.  I then delved into Rick Steves book on Scotland, and have become extremely excited to spend several days in Edinburgh and then drive up to the Highlands and Loch Ness, Inverness, Fort William, Pitlochry, etc.  Also on the search radar screen are historic train trips.  Betty suggested the Scottish Whiskey Train, and I began studying a great trip on the Royal Scotsman, but at $6,800 for four nights I may wish to buy many more experiences instead (but who knows?).  But that has lead to additional train research, and Amtrak has a reasonable 10 day Grand Canyon Journey.  Not that many nights on a train however, so I may just have to head back to Via Rail in Canada.  Main thing – 2013 travel thinking is underway.  And, yes, I did buy a second voucher for 2 nights at the Red Lion Inn.  An old friend always said, “Ray, you can go broke buying a bargain; but, you will never go broke making a profit.”  The price is a real bargain for lodging, meals and Norman Rockwell Museum tickets – much less than I would have to pay at the single tariff, but this deal is for two.

Rounding out my recent thoughts include some home improvements including installing hot water on-demand and upgrading the kitchen with new countertops and cabinet hardware.  And, I still have a full plate of projects that can be accomplished while sitting at a laptop – even my new one.

Well, let me stop and pass my best wishes to you for a joyful New Year.  Remember to Accept and Adjust and remain Content and Comfortable.  Focus on the positive, and remember there are always folks who are having a tougher time than you may be having – so, count your blessings.  As always, yours, RAY

And, here is something I saw the other day on John Tesh’s Facebook page:

Dec-bbStudies show that devoting time and attention to something that gives your life meaning can be a constant  source of joy. So, find a goal or a passion that fulfills you Don’t know what your passions are? Then ask yourself these questions:

“What makes me feel most energized and exited?”  “What could I talk about nonstop?”
And “Which activities do I get so caught up in that time just flies?”

Your goal is to figure out what’s missing and  incorporate it into your everyday life.

And, finally (through the front screen door) there is snow on the common on this overcast New Years Eve.


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9 Responses to STAY-CATION and NEW YEAR’S WISHES – 31 December 2012

  1. tara sad says:

    Happy New Year to you, too, my friend.

  2. Marian says:

    Happy New Year Ray. So nice to hear that you are feeling so good and doing so well. Grand Canyon sounds like a super trip. Snow looks wonderful and ours is melting today and yesterday. Now have 35 above instead of below. Feels heavenly. Have a glass of wine and bring in the New Year. Only one now. -:)

  3. Dear Ray

    It’s 6.30pm on a very rainy night of Monday 31st December 2012.
    A very happy and healthy (footwise) imminent New Yea of 2013.
    Our very best and sincere wishes.
    We will be in touch further with a few of the photographs from the excellent and very enjoyable table guests on the New England/Canada trip September of this year.

    Kevin and Sheila P. – your Cornish Cousins.

    Ps. Pleased to have read of your trip to Ironbridge – quite a place isn’t it?
    And, keep us in the loop!

  4. delores says:

    we need to compare notes about scotland. chas and i are seriously looking at a trip there. boy – air fares are expensive but we’re told rental cars are relatively cheap once we get there. i think you are wise to take it easy for a full recovery. happy new year!

  5. Gail says:

    I love “Wings”. The episodes with Carlton, the annoying old man, are some of my favorite!

  6. Linda Szipszky says:

    Happy New Year. I have just watched the NY Phil in a concert of Marvin Hamlisch music. Now back to the classical station’s count down of annual favorites. It will end with the Beethoven 9th. it always does. Had a son visit for 3 days along with his wife and their 3 children. the first time son Jim has been “home” for 6 years. Yes, I saw them along the way in Toronto and Singapore. A great visit — especially when at church yesterday morning we found two of his Little League coaches from the 1970’s. My daughter-in-law commented that it was the first time their children had heard him referred to as Jimmy. One never grows up in the old neighborhood. Regards to all,

    Linda of QM2.

  7. Juanita says:

    Hi Ray – thanks for the update – looking forward to your posts on your next excursion. Do love your positive thoughts – a Blessed New Year to you! Love and prayers

  8. Chris Burchstead says:

    Hi Ray!
    Glad you are recovering well. I haven’t been to Scotland for years, but I really loved it the 3 times I went. (I used to have family there) and highly recommend it!


  9. Jim says:

    And the happiest of New Years to you, as well, Ray!

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