LONDON — A CITY I LIKE – October 2012

You should figure out from the images below that I am in London, and I am with David, Mari, Lisa and Alex.  I am here to tour the kids around London while David and Mari are involved with a conference.  I did not realize that they will be busiest on Saturday and Sunday since I thought their time was filled with the conference Thursday through Monday when they head home.  But today was an open day, and tomorrow afternoon David has some free time and on Friday when David officially opens the conference giving the keynote address Mari will have some time.

We left Boston Tuesday evening  (the 23rd) arriving at Heathrow at 9 Wednesday morning (4 AM back on the East Coast).  We got our Oyster Cards and got onto the Piccadilly Line exiting at Russell Square near our hotel and into our rooms at about 11:30.  I unpacked and was ready to run hard, but David decided to nap for an hour, and I actually put my head down for 45 minutes.  By1 PM we were all out and did not arrive back until past 8:30 – 7 and ½ hours running, and amazing with a very tired 7 year old.  I realize that I may not get to show the kids as much as I hoped, but we will see a great deal.

Covent Gardens

Today was a big bonus.  We took the tube back to Covent Gardens and walked around watching a number of the street performers.  From there we walked down to the Thames River and crossed the footbridge to the south side of the river to the London Eye.  I had read about horrible waits, but this was an off time and misty – we went and I am glad that we did. We then walked over the Westminster Bridge past Big Ben, Westminster Cathedral before heading back up through Chinatown to get dinner at Leicester Square.

Street Performer at St. Pauls in Covent Gardens

Similar picture to the one of David and I from 2010 but with Alex

It was a full day, running hard, especially for a day of arrival after a night flight and with Alex.

Thursday the 25th was such a full day I could not even post this, and my connection was bad.  But, it was even a fuller day and we did not get back to the hotel until 11PM.  I will work on those images and a quick tale, but I am waiting for the kids to get up, take them to breakfast, and off we go again.  In 2010 before my travel blog I had sent email to family and some friends of my adventures, and my 2010 emails from Iceland and London I recently post here.  Go to the menu and hover over ABOUT – and you will get a drop down link to that adventure.

London Eye (with some glare on glass) looking East

Kids on London Eye – Big Ben in background

I reviewed them in preparation for this excursion, and now cannot wait for even the next trips here to London.  BC (before Cathy)  I would find British Airways packages and fly over for 3-4 days for theater, etc.  I have to find some deals like that in 2013. So, I will catch you when I can, just wanted to give some update, yours, RAY

An iconic spot – and yes that is the moon too

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4 Responses to LONDON — A CITY I LIKE – October 2012

  1. Pat says:

    Ray- We enjoyed visiting the Churchill War Rooms when we were in London. Also, I’d suggest a side trip to Kent to see Chartwell at some future date.

    Visit Churchill War Rooms to discover the original Cabinet War Rooms, the wartime bunker that sheltered Churchill and his government during the Blitz. Explore the historic rooms to experience the secret history that lives on underground. Discover the stories of those who worked underground as London was being bombed above them, and then find out more about the life and legacy of Winston Churchill in the interactive Churchill Museum.

    Pat Fowler

    • Ray Boas says:

      Thanks for your note Pat. I enjoyed the War Rooms about 20 years ago — probably not the best for a 7 year old, but I will probably do again on my next trip. Did not know you knew of my travel blog. Thanks, and enjoy, yours, RAY

  2. Marian says:

    Ray, you seem to be on the “run” a lot. Have a wonderful time. I am sure the children are loving it. Regards, Marian

  3. Very nice family! You must be very proud of your son and his family. Family, Love and Adventure : )

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