Instead of doing a full post today (now I have two days to write about – Londonderry yesterday and today’s journey to Belfast) I decided to share a video with you of crossing this bridge that you may not get an opportunity to do.  I have not done a video since January in Yellowstone, and wondered why I still could use my introductory “free software” to convert my MOV file to an MP4 file, but then in previewing discovered that since it has expired a watermark is displayed – sorry. It also took me over an hour to remember how to use the software and find the converted file, but I love learning, and will have to purchase the software and do more videos in the future.

I arrived at the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge a tad after it opened, again before others showed up. There was light rain, but this is another must do experience so it did not matter.  I must say that the National Trust does a tremendous job in presenting and maintaining their sites.  In Ballintoy, Ballycastle, the bridge for over 350 years has connected the mainland with a small outcropping of rock enabling fishermen to get closer to catch the Atlantic salmon on their westward journey past Carrick Island.  The sixty foot long bridge is 100 feet above the sea.  I basically had the experience to myself, but hiking the kilometer back to the parking lot I could have practiced my Japanese asking photography questions from the busloads of tourists toting big Nikon and Canon cameras and lenses.  Are they cheaper in Japan?

I must also apologize for not pointing the camera down to the sea to give you an idea of the depth.  Actually I was watching my steps and videoing – hard to do more than two things at once, at least for me.

So, all for now from Bangor, Northern Ireland, 30 minutes east from the center of Belfast, and it is 11PM and the sun has finally set over the water.  As always, yours, RAY

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5 Responses to CARRICK-A-REDE ROPE BRIDGE – 8 June 2012

  1. Marian says:

    WOW… very impressive. There is no way I would be looking down. It is truly gorgeous and I am very proud of you Ray.


  2. shirley boas says:

    i can’t chew gum and walk at the same time. am impressed!!!!

  3. scotttho says:

    Great video Ray! I felt like I was right there with you my friend. Awesome trip so far, I’ve enjoyed every post of it!

  4. Chris Burchstead says:

    Wow! Good thing you don’t have a fear of heights! My granny used to cross that bridge as a girl.


  5. great stuff Ray! slideshows, videos … all great.

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