GIANT’S CAUSEWAY – 7 June 2012


I wasn’t going to write a post today, but as I was crawling around The Giant’s Causeway I decided to prepare a slide show of what I experienced.  It seems as though I am collecting World Heritage Sites now along with countries and continents (only need two more continents), and The Giant’s Causeway is a must.

Two years ago I was introduced to Finn McCool when Jean K. asked me, Jim S., Carolyn N., and her husband Jan to act out a reading of this popular myth at a middle school assembly.  His causeway reached from Northern Ireland to Scotland, and some of his other exploits explain the Isle of Man and the large fresh water lake in the middle of the country.  But I won’t spoil it, please discover more when you have the time. 

I arrived this morning before nine thirty and paid for my parking and headed down the long path.  I was way ahead of the crowds that appeared two hours later when I was leaving.  It was an overcast day which partially kept groups away, but I planned it just right to be able to take some images before all the basalt pillars were filled with people (the rains started as I was leaving lasting the rest of the day).  The actual area covered by the pillars (maybe an acre or two) was much much smaller than I had anticipated from all the movies and images I had seen – done by adept photographers and marketers obviously.  The scenery on the ocean is sweeping and grand.  The footpath heading up the cliffs unfortunately is closed at The Organ due to landslides, so I could not explore that area.  What has always fascinated me about sites in Europe is the lack of handrails, fences, etc.  OSHA would have a fit with a tightly packed path 3 feet wide that drops off on one side without protection, but everyone is respectful and careful.

I left the causeway about 11:30 for Londonderry, and returned to my B&B at 9 PM.  It was a full, interesting and educational day which I will share later on.  Tomorrow I head down the Antrim Coast to Bangor to then spend two days in Belfast.  But I thought you would enjoy touring the Giant’s Causeway with me, and hopefully the slide show displays in sequence.  Good night, as always, yours, RAY


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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7 Responses to GIANT’S CAUSEWAY – 7 June 2012

  1. Lil DeCoste says:

    Those pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kathy says:

    Isn’t it just magical?!

  3. roberta streeter says:

    Hi Ray
    I would have been very tempted to take a very wee pit of rock !!!!
    Did you?!
    It’s great to travel with you – Thanks Roberta

  4. Marian says:

    Hi Ray,
    So many rocks…… Very fascinating. Love that Giant Boot.
    Safe travels. Having a grand time traveling along with you.


  5. Juanita says:


  6. An amazing place! I really enjoyed my visit there and won’t forget it. I spent a few months afterwards chasing my niece and nephew around afterwards yelling in an Irish accent that seemed creditable to me at the time: “I’m Uncle Brian McCool and you won’t escape me!” Thanks for the pleasant memory jog. Is there a pebble in your path now? I imagine so.

  7. two afterwards? ;-/ Afterwards, I only saw that afterwards.

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