One of the fun things I do each day is to look at my “site stats” for SHUNPIKING WITH RAY.  It absolutely amazes me how people find my site, and what their seach criteria is.  Today I have so far had 23 visits.  Search terms from search engines have included: Rowell’s Inn; Francis Mayes; and, “raphael tapestries” which linked to my Vatican City post.  I also get a report on sites that “referred” my “blog” and today one showed up called “Fun Tourist Attractions.”   And, on the page for Ostia Antica under the section “recent blog posts” I was linked. WOW.

In some small way I hope I can contribute to just one person’s learning and fun.

Today I am in the middle of three books: LAST TRAIN TO TORONTO; THE CHILDREN’S BLIZZARD, and I just started THE TRAVELER’S EYE which is a Guide to Still and Video Travel Photography.  All great reads, and preparation for my upcoming sojourn.  Many great lessons so far from THE TRAVELER’S EYE, and one quote I have marked to refer to is, “translate experiences and feelings onto film.”  And, that is what I hope to also accomplish with my posts.  Not necessarily give you travel brochure photos, but to eventually be able to convey my experiences with those images along with the words, words that “To write about something is to live it twice.”

 Thanks for reading, RAY

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1 Response to HAVING TOO MUCH FUN BLOGGING – August 2, 2011

  1. delores says:

    i love the ending quote…

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