Sunday – May 1st 2011

Only way to view the World !!

Recently I have started closing out my computer work for the business on Saturday nights (instead of Sunday nights) and then avoiding work in the bookshop on Sundays.  So far it is working well.   This morning I worked on my Ireland itinerary reading about the Heritage Sites on my route, but the weather is too nice to stay inside.  So, thought Ray, “TR3 Roadtrip!!”   Quick look at a map, and off I headed to Alstead, NH to then travel around Warren Lake and down to Gilsum, follow a river route back to Surry, and then over the hills back into Walpole.  Well, here is a route I will continue for quick respites.  If you know me, you know I love old Country Stores, and on this route I stopped (sorry did not take a photo) at the Gilsum Village Store (since 1881) got a 50 cent (yes one half of a dollar) Ice Cream on a stick, and sat on the picnic table outside enjoying it.  Yes, I will return. 

Another excuse for the excursion was working with my new camera following rewatching my Nikon DVDs again last night.    Since my 5th grade science project I have loved old Mills and Waterwheels, so I took several images (below) around the old Mill in Alstead, NH.  Also took some images of a colocated barn.  My photography interest is in textures, shadows, unique composition — and this is a start.

Well, here is a slideshow of todays images, and next time I traverse this route I will have books to read as there are many perfect spots to stop, read, and maybe take my picnic basket and bottle of wine. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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4 Responses to Sunday – May 1st 2011

  1. Lil DeCoste says:

    I knew you were out and about because I heard the car!

    • rayboas says:

      Oh my goodness! I love the roar of a sports car, but try to keep quiet so as not to disturb my wonderful neighbors. Sorry – speedily with a roar, yours, RAY

  2. David Clark says:

    HI Ray, I think your old mill used to be the home of Heman Chase the surveyor. I remember seeing him around in a first series red Ford Bronco. some of your neighbors will probably be able to tell you more.

    • rayboas says:

      Hi David,

      Would you believe I have had many of Heman Chase’s books for years, and just this morning when getting up I decided that I had better pull my copy of his SHORT HISTORY OF MILL HOLLOW and read it. It is now on the top of my reading pile, and yes on his map of the area this building is listed as “Chase’s Mill.”

      Thanks, RAY

      —– Original Message —–

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