Countdown to Ireland

Rock of Cashel Cathedral – My first night’s stop

It is getting close to departure time, so I had better get serious about packing.   I have told others about Rick Steves‘ great website and hints for packing, but I had better take a look too.  I just watched a video he made of his Ireland travels with his family, and each member only had a carry on plus day pack.  We all travel with too much.  A couple I met in Quebec City at Christmas time told me how he travelled as an airline pilot.  Whenever he needed something he stopped at a “charity shop” in the UK.  When I looked puzzled he told me that was the terminology for a thrift shop.  Maybe I will just come back with some great tweed jackets. 

Last year when in Iceland and London in November, and then in Quebec City at Christmas time I sent emails to journal my travels.  Well, thanks to Scott’s encouragement (and hints in one of Rick Steves’ guides) I have set up this “blog” site so I can add pictrures too.  Of course, I am journalling for myself, but I will continue to send emails with a link to my “blog” when I have made a new post (usually with images and a slideshow).  You can also subscribe to get email notifications of my new posts, and you will actually get an email of the post – but the images will all be displayed in a small size, not in a slideshow.

I may do another test post to get more comfortable “blogging” before I leave.  Thanks for reading, catch you soon, RAY

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1 Response to Countdown to Ireland

  1. Lil DeCoste says:

    Just look at how far you have come already from the single shots – beautiful as that car may be – to the slide show that included your grandson!! You know I am impressed with that photo alone!

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