Saturday – April 23, 2011 – Auburn, Mass. with David and Family

Last night David called and said that they were going to Brady Sunrooms in Auburn, Mass. to view to progress on their sunroom, and would I like to join them — of course.  They forgot to tell me when they first visited to see the production line, and I was excited to see the plant — and them too.  So off I headed at 8 this morning to meet them at 10, but the side benefit was to have something to “blog” and the opportunity to present my first slideshow here of their sunroom and the plant.  Gary (number 2 son) is back from the West Coast and he joined us too.  GREAT DAY.  Well, the plant and their room is great, and you can see the slideshow below.  Afterwards we went to lunch in Worcester – WOW.  ARMSBY ABBEY is just fabulous – great, unique drinks and entrees utilizing local products.  Worth the trip.

They headed home, and I had planned to meander on home (shunpiking, of course).  After exploring Worcester and its beautiful train station I decided to head over to Rt 122, which is called the Lost Villages Scenic Byway.  It is on the East side of the Quabbin Reservoir which you may know was created to provide a water supply to Boston in the last century, but in the process many towns were flooded.  I have travelled up the West side of the reservoir before, but not on the East.  Great trip, cannot wait to run this route in the TR3A with picnic basket packed in the rear.  In Barre, Mass. I stopped and walked around the town – a real delight, and bought 3 books in a little shop that will pay for the day.  When I got up to Route 202 at the North end of the lake I went back down to New Salem which is off the main road, I had discovered it before, and let me tell you it has not changed since the 19th century.  Many picture opportunities, and I cannot wait to get back when it is not raining.  Oh, did I mention I had snow (as much as 1/2 inch) all the way to South of Mass. Rt 2 this morning — definitely not a TR3A day as David (and I) had hoped.

Well, that is about it – nice “day off” great roads albiet in the rain, and places I will journey back to.  So, next comes the rest of this “experiment” here are the pictures I took today.  Soon I will be posting the Ireland route I am planning – “stay tuned.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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