THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, and at “44” there are now over one hundred Christmas Trees, the majority are vintage bottle brush trees.

The 1918 edition of THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS to the left was given to my mother in 1927 “from Elsie.” A large format, the color illustrations are amazing. I will have to reproduce for you next year.

You have seen many of my trees in the past, but some have been transplanted in new spots, and there are more. So, let’s begin the tour.

I live in a little New England Village where we do not use front doors. Coming through my “mud room” into the kitchen one is first greeted with this forest which has grown much this year.

in front of the fireplace there are a few new additions this year. I started to get “blow mold fever” but have settled on the 1978 Empire Plastics on the left, and another you will see later. The great camper and station wagon are new, and more on that collection later below. The mantle has not changed, with one of my favorites with ceramic fruit second from the right.

On my Pennsylvania Dutch Pie Safe is a chalkware Santa I found in November – a bargain price. In his hollow sack a previous owner put pieces of coal – too much fun.

I changed out the kitchen table from years past – more about “Me and Santa” (the red folder) later on.

Even my computer table in the kitchen has trees (and many others in the kitchen and elsewhere I decided not to overload you with this year.)

out on the porch you find an Airstream in a small forest, and two groups paying homage to Louise Penny’s “Three Pines.”

I have collected old wooden boxes for fun for years. One never knows what you can stuff inside and try to keep inside.

On the kitchen table you saw some red dinner ware I found this year – just beautiful, and considering $12 for 20 pieces, Salvation Army Stores are now on my list of stops. Below in the dining room is the classic German Christmas Tree dinner set I have enjoyed for years. No, I have no idea why I collect these trees, and have a good number out all year long.

I unpacked my Putz Houses for almost the first time ever. You can see them above. More on those next year. Below the side table, and then part of the cabinet top in front of the side windows.

You had better be curious about my toy “canned hams” above, and before you email and ask, just click this link to learn more about them in my tale, THE TWELVE DAYS OF “VINTAGE CAMPER TOYS

You may have other things to do on this NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, so enough of my trees. Yes, adorning three more rooms, but little changed from previous years – I just like those arrangements.

But before you go, I found something misplaced for well over twenty years a couple months ago in a box that had been unopened almost forever. But I had a vivid memory of my photo with Santa at Macy’s in White Plains, New York, probably in 1955. I asked him for a Western Town. That Christmas it was not under the tree, but my father exclaimed, “what is that over in entrance hallway?” Santa had remembered, but with a little teasing. Of course I found and acquired another for memory sake a number of years ago with most of the accessories.

You are never too old for Santa. I visited with him at Santa’s Land in Putney, Vermont, in 2015 and 2017.

I mentioned to you I curbed becoming obsessed with hoarding “blow molds,” but on the way home from Old Sturbridge Village two weeks ago this 40 inch Santa begged to come home with me to protect the Common. Here he is taking a break from that task.

and, what is Christmas without a “Major Award?” If the “old man” can have one, so can I. And, proudly displayed out the center window upstairs is MY “Major Award.”

A week ago on the 17th, in preparation, I wrote and posted HOLIDAY TRADITIONS AND RITUALS – 2022. If you missed it, click on the link above for that tale, and A CHRISTMAS CAROL REDUX – one of the funniest renditions you will ever hear.

And, speaking of traditions, on Christmas Eve 2020 I compiled a post of my Christmas Season Festivities and traditions going back to 2013. this summary linked below has links to the full stories which you may also enjoy. Please click below and enjoy —



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10 Responses to THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS AT “44” – 2022

  1. Beverly Disbrow OKeefe says:

    Merry Christmas, Ray. I enjoyed reading and seeing your lovely Christmas display which does bring back so many memories of years past. It never grows old. I enjoy seeing your holiday display and this year’s acquisitions.

    • Ray Boas says:

      thank you for looking Beverly – must be a law against my having so much fun – hope I never find it. Maybe I will make it to South County this coming year – Merry Christmas, yours, RAY


  2. Carol Crolle says:

    Merry Christmas, Ray! Enjoyed your picture storybook. You’re so creative and clever with staging. Thanks for sharing. 🤗 Carol

    • Ray Boas says:

      you are too kind with your comment – I just try to have fun, and play with words and toys. Merry Christmas – couple of holiday movies now done, so off to slumber – yours, RAY


  3. Shirley Boas says:

    Love love your Christmas displays

  4. Virginia says:

    Merry Christmas, Ray!
    Great displays!!!
    Keep warm and well.


  5. David Clark says:

    Very Nice Ray


  6. Betty says:

    I don’t know where to start my comments, Ray. Is it about the Airstream on the Fifth Day of Christmas with the gold Volkswagen? When Scott was in high school, he had a gold Bug and now he has the Airstream!
    Do I then go to how much I enjoy seeing your model RV’s arranged so nicely around your house? You’re going to be the hit of the Merry May rally, what with your miniatures and trees!
    I do like the one single Santa blow mold you bought. I’m flashing back to our time with you, Gary and Ilana and the fun we had talking about them.
    I also love the Fragile lamp!
    So many festive decorations for you, and now me as a reader of this post, to enjoy!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!
    PS – you look like you are giving Santa specific details in your picture from 1955. I can almost hear your conversation.

    • Ray Boas says:

      and, where do I start? I have now posted on various vintage trailer websites THE FIRST DAY OF. and THE SECOND DAY OF… drop time is 5 PM and I cannot believe the high (I think) number of LIKES / LOVES / and WOWS. You know I like to share and bring smiles to people’s faces – think it is working. MERRY MAY — come up. See if they have overflow space so you can be on site, or stay at the house. Unless you have a “gig” already. It should be fun, again sharing. HAPPY NEW YEAR – as always, RAY PS — yes that was an intent young Ray making sure Santa “got it right” and he did.


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