A CHRISTMAS CAROL – REDUX – (Like You Have Never Heard Before)

This post has been eleven years in the making. About a year and a half after Cathy died, I learned of the Road Scholar programs and began devouring their literature. I found many unique programs, offering access to places and adventures unavailable to the casual traveler. In nine years, between August, 2009, and October, 2018, I availed myself of thirteen unique programs. Sadly since that time none of their offerings has piqued my interest. I believe I know why. Needing to learn, I talked with the leaders, and in many instances learned how they arranged the special events with special connections, but they were retiring. For example, I toured the Rideau Canal with the lead historian on her last adventure before retiring. That program is no longer offered. Likewise my experience on the Roycroft grounds learning of the Arts and Crafts movement was amazing. The most knowledgeable leader related she was soon to have heart surgery. I next got her obituary. That program is no longer available. But I am still looking.

Still offered yearly, I attended the program – Fête de Noël: Christmas in Québec City, December 21 to 26, 2010. It was great, and the tour leader was the gentleman who taught all the tour leaders in Quebec City for their licenses. Could not get any better. Besides the history there was Christmas Eve Dinner at the Hotel Frontenac, and a carriage ride in the snow around the city on Christmas Day.

Quebec City at Christmas Time

Heading home on Autoroute 20, the afternoon of the 26th, I was dial switching the radio. Now, you may recall that from 2008 through 2014 I produced, as a benefit for local food shelves, my own adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Having completed performances before I left for Canada, this tale of redemption as Scrooge faced three separate ghosts, was fresh in my mind. Landing on the CBC I heard that A CHRISTMAS CAROL REDUX, narrated by Russell Thomas, was about to begin. “Now I want to hear that,” I said to myself, and it soon began with a kazoo prelude.

Now it will help if you know the basic plot before you spend 54 minutes listening to this REDUX production, but not necessary. I was soon laughing hard, tears of laughter were streaming down my cheeks, and I feared that the car seat was not waterproof in case my bladder lost control. Fortunately I saw a rest area, and pulled in, parked, and listened to the radio. I had to find a copy to share.

I found part of the show on-line about five years ago, and then forgot about it. But the thought resurfaced recently. I went searching 29 November, and FOUND IT. But how to share it? I enlisted son Gary, and he went to work. It took some time, but he was able to complete the task.

So, now I invite you to the party. Pour some non-dairy eggnog, or glasses of wine, get some dry underwear in case, put your feet up and turn out the lights and close your eyes. Click the audio link below Mr. Fezziwig’s Ball. But my disclaimer – the show is irreverent, often politically incorrect, raunchy at times, and hysterical – ENJOY!


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2 Responses to A CHRISTMAS CAROL – REDUX – (Like You Have Never Heard Before)

  1. Christine says:

    I loved it!!! Merry, Merry & Blessings, Blessings!
    Got to find some rocking chairs!

  2. CTobin says:

    Ray, First time I have heard this! So funny, needed a good laugh. Hope you are well. Getting cold now. Too cold for me. Will be spending Jan. With my son in FL. Not much traveling with Covid. I hope you are well. Merry Christmas & Joyful Blessings in the New Year! Christine

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