It has been so long since I have “chatted with you.” And, also so long since I have had any new explorations to share. But, I have to write, and I have to share.

Looking out my front door — 24 October 2020

Probably a half dozen days the past month, my plan was to take a day off, travel back roads and explore, but to no avail. Even last night I decided that today, Sunday the 25th, I would “shunpike” for awhile. But, alas, awaking I changed my mind. I am a tad afraid to go out, things have changed too much, to be safe one must constrict exploration and exposure. But, no problem, as I love to be home, and have lots to accomplish.

Looking north out my front door – 24 October 2020

The past couple of months I have gotten into boxes and piles that have laid untouched, in some cases, for decades.  Last month I found some rare prints hidden in a book I had not opened in maybe 20 years. My timing is always just right. It was a week before closing date for a print auction by Bonhams. They have set the world records for Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita cat prints.  Fingers crossed, the auction is this week, the 30th, and the estimate for my nine cat prints is $6,000 to $9,000.

Two more leaf images from yesterday. Looking east down my drive, across the Common looking towards the Congregational Church. (all of these images may be clicked for larger sizes)

and, this is an “intense close-up”

Staying home, which I have always been good at with plenty to occupy my time and curiosity, allows time for reflection and thought. I have been blessed, I know that, I do not take it for granted and always thank Him. My blessings include crossing paths with Cathy (1956-2008), and our time together (1995-2008). I would not be where I am, nor living where I am without the connection we had. When we lost her, I developed two phases.


I share these thoughts when I can, even last evening when FaceTiming with my oldest son, David.

ACCEPT and ADJUST — when we lost Cathy, I could have “gone off the deep end” and wallowed in pity. In about two days I realized I could not change things, so ACCEPT what has happened, and then simply ADJUST your life.

In harmony is CONTENT and COMFORTABLE. When you accept things you cannot change (basically anything in life) you then become CONTENT. Going back maybe forty years, David once said to my grandmother when we were at a nice restaurant, “you must be rich.” She replied, “no, but I am comfortable.” I have always interpreted that to mean if you can do what you would like to do, without worry, then you are COMFORTABLE. Give my phrases some thought.

On 4 October I headed to spend the afternoon and evening with David, Mari, Alex and Gary. Heading east on 101, just before Dublin, is the Howe Reservoir on both sides of the road. The views south of 101, bounded by Charcoal Road, I always enjoy visiting as fall arrives.

Dublin, NH, looking at Mt.Monadnock from Route 101 next to Charcoal Road – RAY BOAS Photograph

and, you can click on the panorama below for a full screen

I meandered new “back roads” toward the Boston suburbs, passing through Greenville, Mason, and then some remote Massachusetts villages. I am sure you know (you better) how the iconic Uncle Sam image developed from Samuel Wilson’s meat packing in Troy, NY. Well, if not, learn – but here is his childhood home in remote Mason, New Hampshire.

Saturday 10 October, as I was walking past LADY RAB she said to me, “let’s go out.” We had not been out together since May. It was a perfect day, similar to many I passed up going out.

She started right up – started to flood, and stalled. Trying again the battery went dead, and I discovered fuel pouring out the carburetor. ACCEPT – we are not going out – ADJUST – I have had my fun, time to find a new home and conservator for her, and BLACK BEAUTY too. Thought and Reflection ensued for almost two weeks. I have also been thinking of getting a “canned ham” – a vintage 1950s-60s camping trailer. More wheels to worry about. But, then, I also have to play more with my Peanut Machine, and CORNELIA. Instead of traveling on the 10th I just headed outside to capture images of the leaves in my yard. This year the last tree to turn was the first, and I have had more intense colors that ever before. Feel free to click for larger images.

Remember, I am CONTENT, and I hope COMFORTABLE. Things to me are memories, but at this point in life what is most important (besides health) is to have experiences and memories of those experiences. Selling LADY RAB (but decided to keep BLACK BEAUTY – never even gave thought to selling BLUE BELLE ) will cover many experiences and new memories. You know I enjoy old inns, B&Bs, train travel. But I also have some river adventures and files of other things I would like to do. So I am shifting my focus, particularly considering COVID-19 is going to be with us for a long time. Planning for a trip or adventure can be almost as much fun as the execution. My planning has begun. And, I have focused in on an historic property to rent from time to time to isolate myself for the writing projects that must come to fruition.

I hope to have trips of some sort to share soon, forgive me for rambling and sharing my philosophies of life – at least what has worked for me.

Stay safe, stay well, stay content – Love, RAY

the above will appear in THE WALPOLE CLARION, the monthly newspaper I publish, until we can say – “it is gone.”

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7 Responses to LEAVES and THOUGHTS – OCTOBER 2020

  1. Carolyn says:

    It just goes to show you, that travel to exotic places is great, but travel close to home is also lovely and satisfying, Good shunpike, as always, very interesting and great fun.

  2. Bill Reed says:

    We are fortunate to see the Walpole Common almost daily, but it was a delight to see it from your perspective. Bill and Lynne

  3. Sue says:

    I certainly can relate to Accept, Adapt philosophy. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Your beautiful images of autumn illuminate Nature’s glory!
    Best wishes,

  5. Gary says:

    Beautiful photos!

  6. George Lush says:

    Ray, Your last Shunpiking post was poignant and touching. For the past three years I’ve meditated once or twice a day for 10 to 20 minutes. I’ve found it remarkably beneficial. Your concepts of Accept and Adjust and Content and Comfortable are states of mind brought about by self-awareness, a foundation of meditative practice. I am often struck by how many common interests and points of view we share. George

    • Ray Boas says:

      Just got in from day out, and event at OSV. Yes, George, I have often thought of our many parallel interests and enthusiasms. Nice to have that sharing and connection – too bad we don’t live closer to “play together.” Sharing my thoughts is reinforcing to me in my beliefs – and just helps me focus and solidify them. Any connection with a mediation regime is totally coincidental – but as I said, I am aware I have been blessed in many ways – possibly that is just one more gift that serves me. A post of today’s adventures coming tomorrow or next day — wish I could just be doing more (don’t we all so wish) and be sharing more. Long day, so night for now, yours, RAY


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