SMILES and HOPE – 4 APRIL 2020

With such concerns around the world, it is nice to see that hope still abounds. Earlier today, while out for a walk in from of my home, I discovered a number of decorated stones appearing in various places. I thought it appropriate to share with my WALPOLE CLARION readers in a post, and then I shared that post on three Facebook pages. Probably an unknown young person in the area – there are some good and caring people. Just realized I must share here also – ENJOY the below.

Wonderfully painted stones, by “someone,” with thoughtful, uplifting and insightful sayings have been appearing around the Town of Walpole Common. Thank you “someone.”  And, bless you for bringing smiles and hope into the world. With love, yours, RAY

and, here are four more placed around the Common. You can click on any image below to open the gallery for larger views. Be well.

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5 Responses to SMILES and HOPE – 4 APRIL 2020

  1. George Lush says:

    Hi Ray, Greetings from Las Vegas. We took a ride down Las Vegas Blvd., aka The Strip, the other day. Usually there are several hundred people is front of the Bellagio fountains. This time, maybe two dozen Very eerie. How ‘bout this affirmation: “We can’t control the tide, but we can learn to surf the waves.” Take care and be well, George

  2. Tyke Frost says:

    Hi Ray. Thanks for informing us of someone’s acts of kindness. And, thanks to someone for lifting our spirits. Be well, Tyke

  3. Carol Boerner says:

    What a great community you have! Sorry to hear about yet another surgery!! I hope it works this time. We are well. Eating too much since I have decided to cook my way through the Ottolenghi cookbooks…. his food is my new passion. Divine interesting food.
    Get well and we’ll visit!!
    Hugs, Carol

  4. Carolyn says:

    Thanks Ray, you always lift my spirits

  5. Laura Kelsey says:

    Bravo, Walpole optimism! Just what I needed today —

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