As many of my “shunpiking” friends know I am involved in much more than traveling and bookselling. I publish the local newspaper THE WALPOLE CLARION, and for the past six months have been working with a group to preserve and conserve 10 acres of land, with 1,000 feet of Connecticut River shoreline, at the entrance to our village. I like to think that the CLARION has raised awareness of this project, and motivated many into action to support and donate to this project. We have completed a video about our project, and this morning I shared it with my CLARION readers. Thought I would also give you an idea of what makes Walpole the wonderful Walpole it is. I still cannot believe I am fortunate to be here, and now for over sixteen years. So, below is what I sent out this morning, and please do watch the video.

Still wondering why the efforts to conserve the 1,000 feet of Connecticut River frontage at the entrance to the Village of Walpole, New Hampshire? This video will answer your questions, show you this special property, and its importance.

At the end of the video are details for sending your tax-deductible contribution either by check, or on-line with GoFundMe. Those details are also at the bottom of this page.


to make your contribution on-line

Walker Road Conservation
Town of Walpole
PO Box 729
Walpole NH 03608-0729

On behalf of future generations who will have the same enjoyment we have, I thank you for your donation – yours, Ray Boas, Publisher, THE WALPOLE CLARION

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