2190 SHUNPIKING DAYS – 10 APRIL 2011 to 10 APRIL 2017

FACT – BLACK BEAUTY and I traveled to Proctorsville, Vermont, and accomplished our first “on the road” posting on April 10, 2011.

Proctorsville, VT – Crows Bakery and Cafe – April 10, 2011

FACT – Since that day, in six years I have written 240 adventures and stories to share here – Averaging One Every Nine Days. But with mobility restricted in 2016, 102 days passed without your hearing from me.

FACT – In the six years of SHUNPIKING WITH RAY there are been 67,641 page views – 31 per day on the average.

FACT – August 30, 2015 there were 403 separate pages views – the most for any one day.

FACT – Today I posted a new page LOG OF ADVENTURES YEAR BY YEAR. I will use this chronological list to both relive my fun times, and plan future explorations.

FACT – I cannot wait to write more, and share more. Hopefully I have brought some joy and education with my writings, and provided some ideas for your own adventures.

Yours, RAY

and, an added FACT on 11 April — BLACK BEAUTY and I took at 60 mile round trip to visit BLUE BELLE in hospital down a dirt road in Vermont. Her engine block was due back from the machine shop today. Soon…

If you look closely you can see BB1’s tears over BB2’s condition. But all will be well soon.

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1 Response to 2190 SHUNPIKING DAYS – 10 APRIL 2011 to 10 APRIL 2017

  1. Betty says:

    Great facts! Lots of info and joy to lots of people – well done, Ray!

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