A 21 HOUR RESPITE – 16-17 February 2015

For school break, David, Mari and Alex rented a condo at Killington for several days skiing. They usually stay with me and take day trips to the various ski areas nearby, but they wanted an extended stay to hit the slopes early each day.  “Come up and visit,” David had asked, and I did. But the snow and cold delayed their arrival, and I was behind in work due to my delay returning from New Orleans (still owe you a detailed report on that).

On Monday I had gotten enough things checked off my list to feel comfortable to head up. I left about 2 PM.  And, if you know the Vermont landscape you realize that I had to pass Plymouth Notch, Calvin Coolidge’s homestead, and as you may know, one of my favorite spots to drive to.  Two miles off the route — but you know I went, and here is what I saw.

“Downtown” – note the old gas pump is covered up in front of the general store.


Calvin’s homestead and where he was sworn in as our 30th President.


Union Christian Church (1840) – click to enlarge – too bad that pole was in the way


Another view of the church looking back to the general store. Calvin was born in the brown building adjoining the store. (this image can also be enlarged, as may all those below)


The old “tea room” (now offices) opposite the country store and small post office.


And below are the early tourist cabins.  Secret Service stayed in them when Plymouth Notch served as the summer White House.


And, then I got to Killington and the warmth of this fire. We headed to the lodge for drinks, David and Alex swam while Mari made dinner (David forget to tell me to bring a suit). And then we visited before the fire and turned in.  I headed home at about 9:20 this morning as they were preparing for skiing.  A perfect visit with “the kids.”


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2 Responses to A 21 HOUR RESPITE – 16-17 February 2015

  1. Andrea Goins says:

    Such clear, contrasting photos! Gorgeous whites, blues, shadows!
    But… Where’s the photo of you gliding down the slopes?!!

  2. Marian L. Michlig says:

    Ray, the snow is so beautiful and crisp. Glad you had a nice trip and visit.
    It is so pretty. Bet you are really tired of it all and hope you all get a reprieve real soon from the cold and snow.


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