Thirteen plus years in the making, but worth the wait.  One of those “crowning moments” in my life.  CORNELIA (aka a replica of a 1906 Cretors No. 2 Sidewalk Popcorn Wagon) finally popped away, and for a good cause.  I did not want to “sell popcorn” but wanted to give it away for a donation to the two local food shelves – The Fall Mountain Food Shelf, and Our Place Drop-In Center.  These two organizations have received our A CHRISTMAS CAROL audiences donations the past six years — now over $20,000.  And, this evening (thank you Walpoleans) CORNELIA received a tad over $300 in donations for these worthy causes for almost 300 servings of popcorn.  I brought my stool along to sit down – and never was able to sit once. What can I say further?

The rest of this weekend I will be in front of my home, with AS IT WAS…AND STILL IS – WALPOLE, NEW HAMPSHIRE — my new book for sale.  And CORNELIA will be there too, ready to accept your donations for more tasty popcorn.

So, here are some images and a video from this evening.


Guess who this is – complete with outfit I have had for over 30 years.



FIREWORKS – away – yes “downtown” Walpole




Goodnight, Walpole — See you tomorrow.




And, a video, complete with music.

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1 Response to CORNELIA’S DEBUT — A POPPING SUCCESS – 27 June 2014

  1. Marian says:

    Great article and pictures Ray. Congratulations on the monies for the food pantry and another big congratulations for being able to wear an outfit of thirty years ago. Sure wish I could. -:)
    Have a super wonderful weekend with big sales.


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