Guess who came home today for the first time? LADY RAB

Purchased way back on 4 December 2013, and delivered on Friday 6 December, but sadly about a mile away and sitting in friend’s barn for the past 109 days.  They have been gracious, but soon need the space back, so Ray thought, “let me give her a try today.”  Since it has been cold, and almost four months, and since I have never started nor driven LADY RAB, I was a tad concerned she may not cooperate and come to life.   She has not run since being tucked in on that Friday, but today LADY RAB started on second turn (all the way up to 35 degrees out), and down the hill she came home (in second gear to be safe – you probably do not know about mechanical brakes).

So, now, let the summer begin !!!


Above, awaiting to be tucked in, and below comfy with her stable mate, BLACK BEAUTY



And just to complete a wonderful day, I again asked David at world renowned SPORTS CAR SERVICES in Westminster West, Vermont, to please pick up BLUE BELLE to replace her corroded petrol tummy.  He replied and said, “will pick her up in the morning if no snow.”  On 29 July 2013 the debris in her innards  finally kept her from starting preventing Alex and I taking her out.  “But grandpa,” Alex said, “we still have BLACK BEAUTY.”  And, off we went that day.  I have been after David for BLUE BELLE’s repair for eight months, but he knew I still had BLACK BEAUTY for play.  But soon I will be loaning my van to a friend, and in possible iffy weather would prefer to tool around (all bundled up – convertible tops are NOT to be used in convertibles) in BLUE BELLE I told David instead of BLACK BEAUTY.  In case of heavy rain or snow, I can use LADY RAB – she has a top and roll up windows – wow, in 1931.

So, all is well here (and wonderful), and soon the Shunpiking will resume.  Trust all is well with you all.  Yours, RAY

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2 Responses to AWAKE FROM HER SLUMBER – AND HOME – 25 March 2014

  1. Jim says:

    Black Beauty looks quite ‘at home’ in her new digs, Ray! Now… if only all this snow will melt!

  2. Betty says:

    She looks happy to be home, Ray! Glad you’ll have a roof over your head while driving.

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