RAY’S FIRST HARVEST – 16 July 2013

And, much, much more on the way.  Fortunately I enjoy sauteed Squash, Zucchini, Onions, and whatever else is on hand along with alittle Salsa.  On the lunch menu now for weeks!


Too much fun, but what is really enjoyable is watching the growth throughout the day, and picking an occasional Cherry Tomato.  My Cucumbers are doing well, Plum Tomatoes (for making sauces) are about to pop, but the Green Peppers are behind.  Think the shunks or racoons enjoyed the leaves too much.

Bye – thanks for visiting, as always, yours, RAY

PS for Marian — note the ruler!!!

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4 Responses to RAY’S FIRST HARVEST – 16 July 2013

  1. Marian says:

    Beautiful veggies, Ray. You have come a long ways in the past year with the new garden bed.
    I started one a month ago. Unfortunately the teenager I used to make it was not a carpenter so
    I am waiting for a friend to straighten it out. Have raspberry bushes waiting to get in the ground.
    It will work. Been waiting five years for this and I DO at least have a start. -:)


  2. Betty says:

    Nice Ray! If you move to Alaska your days will be longer and veggies grow like crazy here!

  3. scotttho says:

    Yummy, fresh veggies are the best. Not seeing quite the selection or quality we’re used to but hey, it’s Alaska. Not known for their expansive farms. I guess it’s tough to grow veggies on a glacier. 😊

  4. Brian Shriver says:

    Nice vegetables! I know that’s not a real yardstick though.

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