Some days are strictly play days, others (like yesterday) are traveling days, and days like today that combine moving to another spot but playing along the way I call “repositioning” days.

It was the absolute perfect thing to do staying at the Best Western Plus at the Montreal airport last night, and it was a very nice experience.  They were exceedingly helpful, room exceptionally nice, had a wonderful dinner at the bar, and the free breakfast was not the typical buffet but a sit down with selections that rivaled what I get at the Red Lion Inn. And it ended up I was a two minute walk from an express bus station that for $3 got me to the Metro where I transferred (free) to get to my car.  May I recommend you do the same someday – park where I did, stay where I did, and use Montreal’s public transportation to full advantage.  Once retrieving my car I headed to Canada Expressway 10.


  1. If staying at the airport in Montreal book a room at the Best Western Plus or Marriott where,
  2. You can walk to a bus terminal to catch an express bus for $3 and connect to the Metro to then
  3. Travel by Metro to Universite-de-Sherbrooke where you can park and pay,
  4. $7.25 a day longterm — my bill for 5 days was $36.25 — try to beat that in any city
  5. Carry two credit cards with you — when the machine at the parking lot will not read your primary card, you have a backup.  I always carried only one, but in October at a restaurant in London David’s card was rejected.  He had another.  Later that night on investigating he found that the card company fearing fraud put a stop on his card.  The night before he hosted a party for a convention and paid the bill (over $5,000) on his card.  Once he said it was a legitimate charge all was well. I learned my lesson well that night.
  6. Sign-up for SKYPE and install it on all your computers and mobile devices.  Costs 2 cents a minute world-wide, but toll-free numbers still cost nothing (used it often this trip for making arrangements)
  7. WI-FI for free now can be found almost anywhere, handy for SKYPE when,
  8. You think your credit card may have a stop on it because an hour after you made a charge by SKYPE for a ticket in New Hampshire, you check out of your hotel in Montreal causing the problem at the parking machine.
  9. Always stop at Tourist Information centers to gather information helpful for Shunpiking, and use the free WI-FI to SKYPE your credit card company in case their computer feared fraud on your card.  Ends up it was probably only a momentary time-out on a computer connection to the parking lot machine.
  10.  When at a Tourist information center ask for the good area maps that are hidden away because they are good and costly to make.  I got a fantastic EASTERN TOWNSHIPS map with “Tours and Scenic Routes – Wine Routes, Summit Drive – Township Trails”
  11. Never be in a rush, stop look and study the map and plan a new route. And,
  12. Have a collection of I-Toys with you.  I always laughed at the kids having an average of 2.5 amongst them on our trips to Italy, but I now carry four.  IPhone (in the states), IPOD great for out of country – my watch, and to catch WI-FI, my IPAD comes in handy for a quick check or in a restaurant and now for saving maps, and I love my MacBookAir — so much easier to travel with than the PC, and so light with a long battery time.  So, RAY RECOMMENDS – take the plunge and collect I-Toys.

Once I left the Tourist Information center instead of heading to pick up the major Route 55 to head south to Interstate 91 I opted to take Exit 90 (number based upon the mileage marker) toward Lac-Brome and Knowlton on Route 243.  Sorry, you probably don’t have this map to follow my route.  Well, I cannot wait to get back.  Some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen and most pristine properties.  And then I got to my first Chemin Des Cantons – Knowlton, where I strolled around.  Intriguing looking restaurants everywhere, shops, and money dripping.  Here is a gallery of views.

You can click on any image to start a slide show

Continuing out of town on 243 I wanted to head over to Lac Mempphremagog to head south towards a remote border crossing (you know I love them).  Well, my under the tourist center counter map had a left turn onto Ch. de Glen which took me through Bolton-Centre.  It turned into dirt – love it – where is BLACK BEAUTY or BLUE BELLE when you want them – well they will return.  I took a right on Ch. Cooledge continuing south through Knowlton Landing, Mansonville, Highwater (maybe three houses there) and over the hill to the border crossing.  After a friendly visit with the lonely and lovely border guard I picked up US 105 to Newport to (sorry) get onto Interstate 91.  I had so many options to get to my destination tonight, but early on decided that time would determine which route to take.  Would you believe I know most of the ways to get around even up here near the border?

I arrived and settled in at the Mountain View Grand Hotel in Whitefield, NH about 4:30, and have been on the front porch since about 5 typing and sharing with you.  So now to post this short one (for a change) giving you a break from yesterday’s tome.  BUT, come back tomorrow for something special.  Something I have wanted to do since I first saw it 50 years ago is what I bought a ticket for this morning.  But to do it right I have to be on the road at 7AM.  You will not want to miss the pictures and video.

Have a great evening, as always, yours, RAY






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  1. Chris Burchstead says:

    I love the Eastern Townships, too. We lived there when I was young, even though I was born in Montreal. May I recommend you read all of Louise Penny’s books, which take place there, if you haven’t already. Can’t wait to get up there again! Next time, be sure and go to the Granby Zoo.


  2. Marian says:

    What a beautiful spot to spend typing. Fabulous and looks so relaxing, I would not want to leave.
    Love the old buildings and the signs are special.

  3. Jim says:

    Wow, Ray — Mountain View Grand has a spectacular venue and views! Better, even, than the Mt. Washington Valley Hotel, and that’s saying something! All best,

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