ISLES OF SHOALS – Continued 4 and 5 September 2012


Looking out my window

You know I always like to give you the view from my window

Not everyone can be content going back in time, but I am thrilled to have this experience.  I first stepped foot on the porch of a boarded up 19th century hotel in the mid 1960s and have been fascinated with the development of the American “vacation” and travel ever since.  With my reading on various 19th century summer resorts including Saratoga Springs, Cape May, the White Mountains, the Catskills and Adirondacks I know what the grand hotels and boardinghouses were, how they were designed and functioned and what the “vacationers” did.  Not many of these structures have survived because they were made of wood, and usually remotely located with inadequate fire protection.  Lightening was an enemy, but even the most careless open flame could spell disaster.  In my vast postcard collection I have a wonderful series of real photo postcards of a resort hotel burning, and everyone saving the furniture.

I am sitting in the grand open lobby of the Oceanic Hotel on Star Island and at this evening’s lecture saw a photo of the lobby when it opened in the 1870s, and nothing has changed.  Dining is a combination buffet and family style at the same tables and chairs as always – the meals are wonderful.  Rockers line the porches, groups are scattered about visiting, and in the day people attend classes on the various retreats here much as was done with the early summer religious conferences which were the beginning of the “vacation” at the summer resorts.  Amusements followed, and good health was promised from the pure ocean, lake or mountain air.  I just love sitting and working (or doing nothing) in the lobby or porch.

And, you know I like looking out windows

My digital photography class is wonderful, and I have had time (unlike home) to devote to learning the various functions of my cameras reading my various books.  But these new devices are not easy to learn, and I am focusing on the effects I want to achieve.  Yesterday, Tuesday, was overcast and not a day for outside photography, and today with the remnants of the hurricane due our trip to Appledore Island was postponed until tomorrow, Thursday.  But today the storm was blown away, the sun came out, and there was outside time for picture taking.  I have not taken any shots that I am thrilled about, but have been able to experiment trying the same image in 6 to 10 settings to learn the consequences.  So, some images are posted here, and I am even learning panoramas with my cameras, but thought I would also try Photoynth again with a 360 degree panorama which hopefully I will remember how to share with you (I did, see above).

So, please read about the island and its history, and plan your own peaceful retreat – the meals are wonderful.




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3 Responses to ISLES OF SHOALS – Continued 4 and 5 September 2012

  1. Lil DeCoste says:

    Meals are wonderful and the pictures are darn good too!

  2. Marian says:

    Beautiful pictures Ray. Another lovely sunset. Sorry about the weather. Hope it improves
    tomorrow. I am sending our horrible storm south on to the west coast, not to you. -:)

  3. Roberta says:

    Hi Ray My Mom met my Dad at Poland Springs Resort when she was seventeen- they married
    seven years later!
    If you ever take a trip there let me know- I would love to go!
    We used to go there for Church when I was six years old I can still remember I used to draw
    pictures during Mass!
    Take care PS My Dads father was the head chief @ Poland Springs

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