Happy 4th from Salem, Massachusetts — and beyond

Here is a multiple of firsts: 1) blogging from my iPad 2) transferring photos from an SD card to my iPad 3) sailing with David and family for a few days 4) and finally posting when David creates a hot spot.

When I experimented at home I had voice recognition, but you must have to be on-line for that because now the microphone icon does not appear when in the Ipswich Mass harbor – the family and two friends are playing on the beach. Not being a beach or sun person I am happy to play with my iPad, and I even have loaded two movies and shame on me, a BOOK – Archer Mayor’s first mystery.

I got to David’s at 12:30 on the 4th, and we started settling into his 33 foot sailboat after 3 PM, which is in Salem next to The House of Seven Gables, soon to be joined by Mari, Alex, and two young men from their lab. Dinner on board was followed by wonderful lightening in the distance with fireworks everywhere in 360 degrees, but the biggest show was Salem’s.

I just tried to insert my first image here, but it appears that I have to be on-line for that also. The insertion failed, so I will learn later. So, having learned some more I will go topside to read — yes on my iPad!


Is now Friday July 6th in Ipswich Harbor and David turn on his Wi-Fi hotspot which also gives voice recognition. I just tested and I will have to make some corrections but it will save some time.

On Friday morning we got up sunrise 5:15 AM and headed off to Plum Island in Massachusetts but the current was kind of rough getting in and shallow so we just moved on and anchored in the lower part of Ipswich harbor but in the evening moved to a mooring at the yacht club and actually will spend a second night here this evening. the kids are all going to later go off to the sandbar to play for the day too hot for me to deal with but I can just relax on for the sailboat all day. I am a quarter the way through an Archer Mayor Mystery. I’ve got several history videos that I downloaded and what more could I ask for. One of the first little candies I opened after loosing Cathy had a saying inside that – it’s all right do nothing – and that is what I am enjoying.

See you soon and thank you for bearing with my iPad test. Yours, Ray



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3 Responses to Happy 4th from Salem, Massachusetts — and beyond

  1. Scott and Betty says:

    Trains, dog sleds, snow mobiles, ocean liners, sports cars and now sailboats………is there any form of transportation that you won’t be using this year? Good to know you’re still enjoying life and not letting any moss grow under you. All the best to you my friend.

    • Marian says:

      What a fantastic way to spend the 4th of July holiday. I am assuming that is your son at the helm. I had company (left 7/2/) from Hawaii visiting Alaska and they have an iPad. NOW, I want one.
      Keep up your daily journeys and blogs. Never a dull moment. -:)

  2. Juanita says:

    Ray – your adventures are so absolutely awesome! I cannot imagine it all! Love your picture of the fireworks over the ocean – so beautiful! Could be in a magazIne! And your son looks just like you.
    Happy sailing!

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