Slower pace day today, but I still have no idea where the time goes. The first half of the voyage was over last night without my realizing it. I went to my last computer seminar this morning – ITUNES – something I knew nothing about, so now a tad dangerous.  This was followed by a lecture on “The Ultimate British Stately Homes” which focused on the work of Robert Adams (yes I have books on his architecture).  At lunch I was with a couple from Australia, two couples from the UK (one a friend of Prince Charles), and a 90 year old woman from Nova Scotia who travels extensively.  Oh, the learning at lunchtime.  One of the 90 year old lady’s favorite spots is Cuba – well, now I know others can visit there.  And getting more travel tips from around the table I am convinced that even though I got a “bargain” I could have done better. You really learn chatting with seasoned travelers.  Yes, Becky, you told me about Travel-Zoo.com and I have subscribed, but never take the time to read the announcements.  One couple from the UK watches it (they have now been to 69 countries and live half the year at their house in Turkey driving back and forth to the UK – they just returned from Napal and loved it) and got their bargain trip a couple weeks ago on QM2 via Travel-Zoo which summarizes deals from various websites.  I will have to start following the site – oh, just too much to do.  Even the Australian couple thought I could have done better – live and learn.  Well, I could not get “on-line” and it is time for another ocean liner lecture, so catch you again soon.

Lecture done, and again enjoyable.  I checked some of William Miller’s books on-line (FLOATING PALACES) and finding no used copies may have to buy some on board.  I then came back to get my SLR to roam the ship taking some additional images to share, but first I just sat in the library looking out over the bow – yes, doing nothing!  Since the last time I posted a slideshow from Ireland the software had changed so I see that the “portrait” images were constricted last night even though I sized them differently, so the eight I just selected I may show individually – will decide when I get this post in the works.  Today was a slower paced day, and I just got my daily programme for tomorrow, and other than the DIAMOND JUBILEE STREET PARTY I may plant myself with a book someplace nice.  First time I have never carried a book with me to read (I do have two small ones on Northern Ireland) because I never get to them – but with over 10,000 books in the largest library afloat, I will get something tomorrow, probably a light mystery.

Part of the largest library afloat

So, let me share today, get changed for dinner (semi-formal tonight, formal again tomorrow), listen to music in a lounge and then head to dinner.  I am now three hours ahead of you.  Almost good night, as always, yours, RAY

The Queens Room – Ballroom

The Garden Lounge

Another view of the Grand Court

Another panel in the main passageway

I found this model of the QM2 in a side passageway

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2 Responses to HALF WAY ACROSS THE ATLANTIC – Saturday 2 June 2012

  1. Marian says:

    My Goodness Ray, half way across the ocean and your trip. Love reading about this voyage and would like to do it someday, but I am deathly afraid of that much water. I do not swim.
    Great pictures…keep them coming.
    Blessings, Marian

  2. delores says:

    brings back memories of our QM2 crossing with the boys a few years ago. the grand ship looks just as … well… as grand! i loved the afternoon high tea – and the boys loved the french fries at the 24/7 cafeteria (at which an elderly British gentleman cringed). looking forward to the next post.

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