Hi all,

As some of you may know, the first night I was in Pompei while I was doing research on the Sanctuary there, on clicking to the link to the English translation it ended up that site was affected and set up to attack computers — my laptop is inoperable at the moment, hopefully to be fixed.  So, I have notes and images (hopefully not an infected SD card) to share for 2-6 April which includes my trip to Pompei, Herculeaum, Pompeii itself (two “i”s for site, and one for the city); Wednesday on Capris, Thursday to Positano and Sorrento, and my return to Cortona yesterday for the Procession in town.  Actually, I ran so hard that getting back to my B&B at 9PM two nights and 11PM another I had no time to write to you.

I am working on Mari’s laptop at the moment trying to learn the Apple operating system. David and Mari know Apple is the best, and hope to sway me over – and I am getting there.  In the process I am trying to learn IPhoto on her machine so I can share a few images of last evening’s two hour procession around down with you for Easter. Actually starting to like it very much.

Church where the Procession began

Following diner at 8 we headed to the square before nine, and then to one of the many small churches just out side one of the gates.  In processions statues of Jesus are paraded, statues that are centuries old, museum pieces, but utilitarian and used still for their original purpose – you may know that I believe in using wonderful old things.  Upon entering the gate more and more people began to fall in for the climb up and around the town.  Cortona’s narrow medieval streets are all uphill, yes  all uphill and a very few down.  We passed many small churches and chapels whose doorways were open that I had not noticed previously.  Along the way the priest was leading prayer and readers where reading the Stations of the Cross, often stopping at one of the open churches.  Upon arriving  back on the main street (the only level street in town where all the shops are located). I

Entering through one of the Town's gate

could see off in the distance more statues, and when we arrived in the square there they were all in place on temporary platforms having been paraded held up on massive poles by eight men on each side.

Lined up in the square for the service

These three statues I saw previously in display in the Church of San Francesco (Saint Francis).  I would provide links, but I am not doing any “Googling” on the web on Mari’s computer just in case; however, the kids are telling me that Apple’s security and operating system is much better than Microsoft.  They almost have me hooked.

Usually I work a long time in Word preparing my blog posts and then copy/paste to WordPress, but am entering this one directly so I can share these images of Easter in Italy, and wish you a HAPPY EASTER.  I will attend Mass at Midnight tonight, tomorrow is Easter Dinner and pack for early departure on Monday home.  A grand trip, and you will relive it with me in the weeks to come as I will write about each day, and the wedding and its images.  Also, my trip email list is “locked” in my laptop, but I think I remembered everyone to add to my notification email, if not my apologies, and please do share.  So that is it for now, Italy 2012 — God Bless, as always, RAY

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2 Responses to HAPPY EASTER FROM CORTONA – 7 April 2012

  1. Juanita says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautful pictures and your awesome experience in Cortona – what a Blessed and Holy Easter you are having in Italy. God Bless you my friend and and Blessed Easter to you!!! Love and prayers – Juanita

  2. Marian L. Michlig says:

    Ray, I am wishing you a very Blessed and Happy Easter.
    Have a great trip home. I am heading out Tuesday for home. Still loads of snow, but that is okay.
    Such beautiful photos and look forward to seeing additional ones.


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