ROWELL’S INN REDUX – 23 July 2011

I promised myself a visit to Rowell’s Inn upon my return from Italy.  It was too hot yesterday to get “Black Beauty” out, so about 5:30 today I got out a razor blade scraper and Windex and got the bugs off her windscreen from our last trip home from the Inn so I could see the road more clearly.  I arrived at the Inn about 6:30 parking next to a Cobra, and happily entered.  I went inside, Mike the owner saw me, and (on my third visit mind you) came up and said, “hi Ray, welcome back!”  The only other people there were Jean and Dave who I have talked with on each visit (Mike told me he was packed last night way past closing time). They were with Dave’s brother and his wife Betty.  We chatted for awhile, and then Sylvia let me choose any table.  I sat in the middle room for variety next to the large window. 

I had my book on the cross Canada train with me to read, and then selected and again enjoyed Mike’s fajitas.  When Dave and Jean left they asked if I would like to stop by for a glass of wine when I was done.  They told me the way, and said to look for the Cobra.  I thought a moment and replied, “I may just do that, thank you.”

I finished up, read awhile and went to say goodnight to Mike and Sylvia, and then met Dan at the bar, Mike’s neighbor.  I then headed off, turned up the right road, climbed the hill, found the Cobra and joined them all on the deck overlooking the mountains and enjoyed a lovely conversation.

Rowell’s Inn is an experience that cannot be described, it must be experienced, and as with all wonderful experiences it usually is only a rare few who can appreciate how special the experience really is.  I said it before, but we must get a group together and visit for an unforgettable time and exceptional meal.

Well, I must head out to “Black Beauty” to scrape off tonight’s collection of bugs so I can find church tomorrow. Good night, RAY


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2 Responses to ROWELL’S INN REDUX – 23 July 2011

  1. Marian says:

    Would love to join you for dinner and wine at the inn. Maybe someday in the future.
    Sounds like a very relaxing setting. Glad you are back in the states.
    Have a great Sunday.


  2. Al Peters says:

    Ray it was very nice to meet you last night and I am glad you took us up on the offer for a glass of wine out on the deck of our house. We hope to see you again at Rowells
    Dave’s brother, Al

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