Aboard Moby Ferry – Friday, July 15th

Friday 5:44 AM and close to arrival to mainland Italy. Just had to say hi from my IPAD Touch and free Internet while on the water. And my first try posting with the APP on this device. Now I am really connected. Bye RAY

NOTE from Cortona at 10:30 AM

Well, the above got uploaded, but went to a “Page 2” and I only use “Page 1” so there is something new that I have to learn.  I also uploaded an image from the ship, taken with my I-Touch, and have to learn how to add it that way to a post, but I am now on my laptop.

The family half-awake waiting to debark

I just had to take these images on board.  As people boarded many of them immediately staked out their “home” for the journey.  I did not mention before that there is even a kennel on board, but many folks just keep their dogs with them.  The second image I took as I turned in after reading topside in the open air.  This family was ready for the night, travelling in style without need of a cabin.  Have a nice weekend, and I will fill you in soon.

Staking Out Her Territory for the Night with Dog in Tow

Ready for the Night - What More Could you Want ???

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