Arrived in Cortona – 3 July 2011

Hi all,

I figured I would wait until tomorrow to put up a small post, but in looking at  my stats I see that 6 people have checked here today (maybe to see what is up).  So, I am out on Mari’s parents patio at about 600 meters elevation, cool breeze, no bugs and overlooking the valley over the 2300 year old original Etruscan wall to the town.  David is exhausted and has turned in because he could not get comfortable on the plane, but the rest of us caught enough winks on the flight and are going strong (I do travel well).

Well, I started this last night, but Mari and Alex and Lisa (and her friend) came down and said, “let’s get some gelato,” so off we walked, and upon returning at midnight Mari’s Dad had shut off the power to his router, so I turned in knowing I could get back to this before you awoke.  So, now back to the initial tale.

Check in at Logan again was easy, nine plus hour flight to Zurich passed quickly as did two hour layover for the small plane to Florence.  We arrived at 3PM local time, total elapsed travel time of a tad over 11 hours.  It took about a half hour for the rental car arrangements, and I am sorry I do not have a video of the 5 of us getting into the Ford Fiesta with 5 large bags of varying size and an equal number of carry-ons.  Lovely road to Cortona, sorry I could not even reach my camera or IPOD to show you the approach, but soon.

Mari's Parent's and Brother's Homes

A walled, medieval hill town, but dating to Etruscan times, which are pre-Roman, it is so wonderful it is difficult to describe.  I may have mentioned that this would be a different experience for me as this is a relaxing time with family and blending in more with “the locals” than running hard – a shift for me, but as John Tesh say’s in his book, “what you want is experiences and memories.”  Mari’s parents’ home is just inside one of the gates in the Etruscan wall, and then a short narrow drive up the hill (not room for two cars, and most streets are strickly for walking).  Prior to dinner we walked to the main street (the main street because it is the only level walking), and the town is bustling with people. 

David and Mari with friends in the Main Square

Mari, having, grown up here, could not go a few paces without seeing more friends.  Eventually we sat for an pre-dinner drink, and head back for dinner at 8:30 with her family.  What I found interesting is that people stroll before and after dinner, the purpose being to visit.  In comparing thoughts David said, “well you visit when heading to the Post Office.”  True, but the purpose of my stroll is errands, and the purpose here is solely the social – a way of life.  A small difference, but an important one as we explore the world.

We found out that the Univerisity of Georgia’s (they have a summer art institute here) 4th of July party was held on the 2nd, so that is off the list today, but Alex is anxious to take me to the Etruscan museum which is on today’s list.  Mari’s Dad just returned from errands and brought me the “International Herald Tribune” in English.  Yes, David and I are on the patio, he with his IPAD working with an Italian language program (although he can communicate some – I wish I had had – or made – the time to try).  Unlike ending my day in Ireland with my postings, I think this is how I will work in Cortona by starting the day relaxing and working on my postings.  So, not sure what I will be having to share, but I do know that I enjoy doing so.   Happy 4th of July.

Looking out my window

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4 Responses to Arrived in Cortona – 3 July 2011

  1. scotttho says:

    Great post and pictures. This is my first blog comment with my Windows Phone.

  2. Juanita Sweet says:

    Ray – it’s beautiful! Have a grand time – can’t wait to see your posts each day!

  3. shirley boas says:


  4. shirley boas says:

    not sure if this is my second reply – however, the town is beautiful. wondeful to be able to walk into the village late at nite and have gelato and not worry about thugs. love hearing about all of you and love to all. shirley

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