Rowell’s Inn – Friday Night Dinner – June 10, 2011

This will be my first three-hour trip blog, but oh is it worth it to share.  Last Friday night when I was travelling back from Dorset, VT with a load of books I decided to have dinner in Chester, VT, but when on Route 11 in Simonsville (between Londonderry and Chester) I passed Rowell’s Inn, which has always intrigued me.  It is a B&B and serves dinner on Friday and Saturday, but we had never been past at the right time, nor sadly thought of going back.  Well, I turned around, had dinner there, a unique experience, and vowed to return this weekend.  The unique experience was repeated, and must be shared. Here is the story.

Last week I sat in the front room with my book and enjoyed my comfortable chair and Fajitas.  Soon a conversation started with the two couples at the other table in the room, and soon I knew so much about the area and the people who enjoy this unique place, wonderful food, and the friendships that develop.  The couples told me that often they decide to go to dinner, and end up meeting others there (without planning ahead) to then share the evening.  I usually feel so strange being alone, but it was like a family, and I vowed to return.  Before I left I explored the various public rooms, bar and game room.  A very comfortable Inn, Cathy would have loved it, and I was so pleased that I finally made it.  The couples I chatted with said the Inn was on Facebook, and the menus posted each week when developed.  I found them on Facebook (which I seldom go to) and posted accolades (log into Facebook and search for Rowell’s Inn.)

Well, today was a perfect TR3 day, and I hopped into Black Beauty at 6, and off I went.  I had already checked the menu and had decided on salmon.  I parked in front and went in.  Knowing the “lay of the land” I wandered through the Inn, and in the back room was one of the couples I met last week with another gentleman they met there tonight — they said hi to me by name.  I finally choose a table, sat down, but the sofa chair was kind of low for me to eat and read at the table, so I decided to go back to the front to where I sat last week.  As I was about to sit, the three people at the other table in the room said, “come join us.”  Now, just think — when has that ever happened to you? Never !!!   My new friends were Bob, who owns Java Baba’s Slow Food Cafe in Ludlow, VT, and his sister Sue and her husband from Long Island.  They were visiting on their motorcycle and on their way to motorcycle week in Laconia.  They were fabulous dinner partners, and we had so much to talk about and share.  Chef Mike came to visit several times, and the food and presentation matches (if not surpasses) any I have had.  Sadly dinner was over, and a fellow came up and said, “any of you own the TR3 outside?”  Seems he has the one he bought new, but it has sadly deteriorated in his barn.  My new friends and I departed, they looked at Black Beauty and we parted company.  Before I left I assured Chef Mike that I would be back, but he would not see me until the end of July because of my travel plans — I did not want him to think I was not pleased with another fabulous evening.

One thing Cathy and I said we could always do is “vote with our pocketbook.”  Well, I want Rowell’s Inn to always be there, so I will vote with my dollars, and encourage you to experience this most unique place.  Oh, I cannot wait to return.

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  1. Juanita says:

    Hi Ray
    Thanks so much for the information on Rowell’s Inn – Wayne is from Chester, Vermont and we are often in that area – have always wondered about Rowell’s Inn. Have to try it sometime!

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