Remember that I write for myself to remember, but also to share. As an out-of-print bookseller I am always with books, in the shop, or in the house. I am always reading snippets while cataloguing books for sale, but also I will become fascinated with a subject matter to learn about, or find an author (recently mysteries) who writes so well with characters, bringing locations to life, and great plots and stories.

Since I cannot remember all I have read and enjoyed (or not) I thought a page of what I have read will help me remember, but also share to possibly encourage you to pick up the book as well. So, here begins a work in progress since I have reading piles everywhere, and I will try to go back to the beginning of 2021 at least. Most recent reads at the top – enjoy, RAY

Midnight Garden Good EvilMIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL: A SAVANNAH STORY by John Berendt (1994). I had a copy of this book in stock in the shop a decade ago, but it was mentioned in an Atlee Pine book by David Baldachi (see below). Non-fiction, Berendt sets the scene of this true murder story with the fascinating history of Savannah, and the most interesting cast of real-life characters that you get to know. The writing is amazing. I have not been to Savannah in thirty years, but having pictured so well by Berendt, I am planning a trip. Pick this up at your library, and you will not put it down until you are finished. As acclaimed as the movie is, the book develops the characters so you really get to know them. You learn more about Savannah’s history, culture and surroundings. Even having read the book first, the movie was hard for me to follow.