Coming soon, I promise.  Just another project in the works – September 13, 2012. Thank you, RAY

Yes, I know — now 10 April 2020 — what can I say, I get busy. Today, however, I discovered an easy way to review all my images month by month — I am going to get to this and link the image to the post it came from – another way for you to enjoy hopefully. But, quickly, here are two images I pulled out just now (albeit without a link to the post yet).

This morning (14 April 2020) I was searching in my old PC laptop for information about something I saw ages ago at the Tunbridge World’s Fair. Alas, did not find that, but found a folder marked — FAVORITE IMAGES. Well, here are those six, and click on any one to open a large gallery. In time I will give you the links to the articles I wrote, but for locations left to right, top to bottom: Glendough, Ireland; Italy; Londonderry, Ireland; Vancouver, Canada; Vancouver again; and, Crossing Canada.


From my Cottage on CAMPOBELLO ISLAND – 21-22 July 2014



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